The Organyc® brand believes…

You should Expect Respect®

It’s something you deserve.

Organyc® shows you respect in three important ways

1. 100% Certified Organic Cotton inside and out

Organyc® pads, tampons and liners are made with one simple ingredient!

100% Certified Organic Cotton

Outside where it touches you. Inside where it absorbs.

2. Clinically-Proven Protection

Organyc® is the first and only brand to give you Clinically-Proven Protection™

Protection against skin irritation and resolution of irritation if you are experiencing it now.

Unsurpassed absorbency.

No chemicals, dyes, perfumes or any other irritating ingredients.

3. Expect Respect®
Community Initiative

Organyc® believes all women deserve respect, no matter what life throws at them.

Our Expect Respect® initiative provides feminine care and adult care products at no cost to women in communities around the world.

We provide these products through local food banks where needs are best understood and best met.

We want to show you one more sign of respect!

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