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Expect Respect

Command respect

Organyc® shows you respect 

in three important ways

cotton buds

1.  100% Certified Organic Cotton

Organyc® pads, liners and tampons are made with one simple ingredient, organic cotton, the very best.

Organic cotton outside where it touches your sensitive skin, and organic cotton inside where it provides unsurpassed absorbency.

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2.  Clinically-Proven Protection for you and your sensitive skin®

The only brand in 50 years to solve the sensitive skin issue…completely and clinically.

Only Organyc® brand products have been clinically-proven to protect against and resolve irritation caused by the chemicals, dyes, and junk in ordinary feminine care products. 9 out of 10 women found relief.

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3.  Repairing the earth, the oceans and empowering women

A global initiative to provide women with the resources they need .

In an unique partnership with Plastics for Change Organyc® is supporting women collectors in emerging nations with a living wage, and providing women throughout the world with access to Clinically-Proven protection at no cost.