Organyc® pads and panty liners are manufactured just outside of Milan, Italy at Corman S.p.A.’s modern, sustainable innovation center, while tampons are manufactured in Slovenia and Germany.

Organyc® is the world’s best-selling completely organic cotton brand, meaning Organyc® products are 100% Certified Organic Cotton throughout.  Not a little on the top, or some in the middle, 100% Certified Organic cotton next to the skin and in the absorbent core.  Organyc® brand products are also the only ones that are, Clinically-Proven to protect you and your sensitive skin®, based on large scale clinical studies conducted in Italy and published in peer-reviewed global medical journals.

Large scale clinical studies conducted by leading Gynecologists in two different countries demonstrated that 99% of women wearing Organyc (100% organic cotton feminine care pads) experienced a reduction in skin irritation after just one period of use.


The organic cotton used in Organyc products is sourced from farms in Turkey and in the U.S. (North & South Carolina, Texas).  Organic cotton is the most expensive type of cotton and the rarest.

The organic cotton is ginned, cleaned, and processed to ensure that it quickly and evenly absorbs.  In this way, when the cotton is created into Organyc® pads and liners, it stays dry on top and distributes fluid throughout the absorbent core to prevent leaks. Consumers find ordinary cotton pads to be wet on the surface.

All Organyc® products carry the Cotton Incorporated seal, the global symbol of premium quality cotton products.

No. Organyc is opposed to testing products on animals.

Organyc products have no added fragances, dyes, perfumes or other junk. Any scent detected is the natural, fresh smell of cotton or corn starch.

  • Folded Panty Liners (Light) – 165mm
  • Flat packed Panty Liners (Light +) – 165mm
  • Flat packed Maxi Panty Liners – 191mm
  • Moderate Pads -236mm
  • Heavy Pads – 259mm
  • Overnight Pads- 300mm
  • Cotton Squares  -4.25” x 3.5”

You can use Organyc feminine care products for light incontinence, but we recently launched a line of bladder leakage products under the Organyc brand, which provides sensitive skin protection, certified odor protection and maximum absorbency.

You can learn more here.


Organyc(r) compact applicator tampons are made of two parts, the tampon and the applicator.  The tampon is made from 100% Certified Organic cotton even the string.  It is 100% biodegradable.

The plastic applicator is made from more than 90% bio-based plastic derived from sugar cane.  Science has not yet given us the capability to provide the right sturdiness to the applicator to make it completely from this sugar cane plastic.  So, the applicator contains a bit of plastic, less than 10%.  Our scientists are working on getting to 100%.

Yes. All the cartons are made from recyclable cardboard, while the individual bags and the outer bag are both made from Mater-Bi, which is biodegradable. In New Organyc products, the individual bags and the outer bag are made from recycled plastic, which is not biodegradable.


The pads are intended to be used only once and should be disposed properly after use.

No, they are not flushable.

No. Organyc® products are never bleached rather they are purified using hydrogen peroxide, a safe, naturally occurring disinfectant.

The pH of Intimate Wash is pH 5-5.5 which helps to keep the vagina’s pH at its optimal, healthy level.


No. Organyc is sold in over 50 countries worldwide. If you are located outside of the US or Canada, please visit and locate your specific country.

Organyc feminine care products are available in leading stores, while the entire line of products (including beauty & baby) can be found online. Check the online stores and call your local stores to see if they carry Organyc products (locations may vary). See a list of the stores you can purchase at here.

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