• Where are Organyc products made?

    Organyc pads and panty liners are manufactured in Italy and the US, while the tampons are manufactured in Slovenia and Germany.

  • How does Organyc compare to the other leading brands?

    Two large scale clinical studies conducted by leading Gynecologists in two different countries  demonstrated that 99% of women wearing Organyc (100% organic cotton feminine care pads) experienced a reduction in skin irritation after just one period of use.

  • Where is the organic cotton sourced from?

    The organic cotton used in Organyc products is sourced from North & South Carolina, as well as Texas.  Organic cotton is the most expensive kind of cotton and the rarest.

    The cotton is processed at a highly experienced cotton converter in the U.S. who is able to create properties with a dry surface while the product quickly and evenly absorbs bodily fluids.  Consumers find ordinary cotton pads to be wet on the surface.


  • Are Organyc products tested on animals?

    No. Corman is opposed to testing products on animals.

  • Do your products have fragrance or perfume added?

    Organyc products have no fragrance or perfume added. Many times, the scent you smell in the pads or panty liners is the natural, fresh smell of cotton.

  • What is the length of your pads and panty liners?

    Folded Panty Liners (Light) – 6.5 inches

    Flat packed Panty Liners (Light +) – 6.5 inches

    Flat packed Maxi Panty Liners – 7.5 inches

    Moderate Pads- 9.3 inches
    Heavy Pads – 10.2 inches
    Overnight Pads- 11.8 inches

    Cotton Squares – 4.25″ x 3.5″

  • Are the pads good for light incontinence?

    You can use Organyc feminine care products for light incontinence, but we recently launched a line of bladder leakage products under the Organyc brand, which provides sensitive skin protection, certified odor protection and maximum absorbency.

    You can learn more here.

  • You claim that your tampons are biodegradable, what about the plastic applicator?

    Organyc(r) compact applicator tampons are made of two parts, the tampon and the applicator.  The tampon is made from 100% Certified Organic cotton even the string.  It is 100% biodegradable.

    The plastic applicator is made from more than 90% bio-based plastic derived from sugar cane.  Science has not yet given us the capability to provide the right sturdiness to the applicator to make it completely from this sugar cane plastic.  So, the applicator contains a bit of plastic, less than 10%.  Our scientists are working on getting to 100%.

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