About Us

Organyc is a brand owned by Corman, a second generation family-owned middle market company based in Milan, Italy, known for its know-how in turning cotton into personal care products for women.

Our History

The Corman Story

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Corman S.p.A., located in Milan, Italy, the creator, owner and manufacturer of the Organyc® brand has a long history (more than 70 years) of knowing how to take cotton, one of nature’s most abundant and valuable flowers, and create personal care products, for women.

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Corman built its business by going-to-market ethically, which simply means that the company gains endorsement from the medical professional community as a means to provide assurances and confidence among consumers.

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A hallmark of Corman is its commitment to respect;  respect for customers, respect for employees, and respect for the Earth.  We believe you should Expect Respect® always when you put your faith in any of our brands.

The Organyc® Brand Story

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Organyc® like many brands was born out of need we heard about from you.

Millions of women around the world were concerned about sensitive skin irritation, allergic reaction, and worse from the man-made materials found in feminine care products and so many other products they were using.

Our Philosophy

Respect is something that should be part of any civilized society. We show that respect by recognizing and solving the problem of sensitive skin irritation, a problem that all the major brands ignored over 50 years. We also invest in programs that help women achieve greater self-respect, and gain respect from the communities in which they live.

Brand Pillars

Consistent with Corman’s three pillars of business, authenticity, transparency and sustainability, Organyc® was created.

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All claims are proven, no happy talk.

Organyc prevents and resolves sensitive skin issues – clinically proven.

Unsurpassed absorbency – U.L. confirmed.

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100% certified organic cotton – inside and out.

100% biodegradable.

100% Free of Chemicals, Dyes, Fragrances, Wood Pulp.

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Green manufacturing – geothermal, solar, natural.

No plastic in our pads and liners or any of our packaging.

Eco-applicator tampons (up to 95% plant based).

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