Organyc Cotton Hospital Postpartum Pads


  • Designed specifically for Hospital Postpartum Recovery – Organyc’s Hospital Postpartum Pads are designed to absorb heavy flow for the first days and nights following delivery. Each pack has 12-piece thick pads for your needs.
  • 100% Cotton Pads – Our hospital post partum pads pads are made of 100% certified organic cotton inside and out, providing maximum absorption and coverage. These postpartum pads for women contain no chlorine, bleach, latex, parabens, perfumes, SAP, plastics, or man-made materials
  • Soft and Hypoallergenic – Enjoy ultra-soft postpartum sanitary pads! The soft, gentle fluffy cotton pads are perfect for skin stressed by childbirth. These postpartum pads were created to be used after delivery and fully respect the sensitive skin.
  • Maximum Coverage and Leak Absorbency – These specially designed post-partum pads have a longer and wider design to absorb after delivery discharge. Made with 100% Certified organic cotton, offer unsurpassed absorbency, effectively stopping leaks, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the first days after birth.
  • Heavy-Flow Pads with Secure Fit – Experience peace of mind knowing your heavy-flow post partum pads stay in place. The hygienic-grade adhesive keeps each postpartum pad securely in place. The breathable cover enhances airflow and allows your skin to breathe freely.
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