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My name is Jessica, and I want to say thank you.  The irritation I was getting from other pads was almost like an allergic reaction.  Every month I was at my wits end.  Thank you so much for finally making a better product with no dyes, no harsh chemicals, and for thinking of women first. Your product has been life changing for me.  I no longer feel like I’m having an allergic reaction for a week out of every month.  Organyc has been a miracle for me.  Please never stop making these products.

Jessica P

I started using your products for about 3 months now, and let me tell you, I am in love. I can’t believe the difference in my period.

Happy Customer

I actually have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about how thankful I am for your company. I have been through years of pain because of the chemicals I have been exposed to. Knowing I don’t have to use those products anymore and knowing my niece doesn't either means everything to me.

Thank you so much!

Happy Customer

I just had to connect with you and tell you that I am so happy I found your products. Nothing else even comes close. I have crazy health issues and have to use feminine protection a lot. Having products that aren't exposing me to chemicals is extremely important to me.

Having products that do their job is crucial when I am crawling around gardens covered in sweat or pushing heavy wheelbarrows all day in 100-degree heat. Thank you for making the quality of my life and work better than it has ever been. I hope you realize how much joy you are creating with your products.

Happy Customer

I am in love with these! I have very sensitive skin down there, the store bought non cotton ones were causing me severe problems and pain, now that I have switched to these, I no longer have these issues! I will not go back to store bought pads again.


Kailey (Amazon)

I have experienced vaginal irritation on and off for many years and decided to try using more natural/organic products. I assumed that using a new vaginal wash and wipes would do the trick, but since these came with the package I got them too. I'm extremely pleased! I didn't realize that wearing 'normal' pads and pantyliners like Always were irritating my skin, but after wearing these for a few days, I feel much less irritated. I think they're really making a difference.

Devin (Amazon)

I have a subscription for these. They are the best I have ever used, so comfortable that sometimes I even forget I am wearing one.

Ioana G (Amazon)

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