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I Expect Respect. I choose Organyc®.

Respects my body. Respects my sensitive skin. Respects my earth.

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Clinically-Proven, 100% Organic Cotton

The one brand of Feminine Care, Bladder Leakage, Intimate, Beauty and Baby Care that shows your body the respect it deserves.

No Leaks. No Irritation. Proven in Clinical Studies.

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton inside and out
  • Unsurpassed Absorbency
  • No chemicals, dyes, wood pulp or other junk

The Organyc® brand stands on three pillars connected to the values of our consumers.

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All claims are proven, no happy talk.

Organyc prevents and resolves sensitive skin issues – clinically proven.

Unsurpassed absorbency – U.L. confirmed.

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100% certified organic cotton – inside and out.

100% biodegradable.

100% Free of Chemicals, Dyes, Fragrances, Wood Pulp.

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Green manufacturing – geothermal, solar, natural.

No plastic in our pads and liners or any of our packaging.

Eco-applicator tampons (up to 95% plant based).

Women throughout the world are behind the success of the Organyc brand

Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers, Logistics experts, Sales directors, Creators, Designers

A few short comments from our consumers

I actually have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about how thankful I am for your company. I have been through years of pain because of the chemicals I have been exposed to. Knowing I don’t have to use those products anymore and knowing my niece doesn't either means everything to me.

Thank you so much!

Happy Customer

I am in love with these! I have very sensitive skin down there, the store bought non cotton ones were causing me severe problems and pain, now that I have switched to these, I no longer have these issues! I will not go back to store bought pads again.


Kailey (Amazon)

I have experienced vaginal irritation on and off for many years and decided to try using more natural/organic products. I assumed that using a new vaginal wash and wipes would do the trick, but since these came with the package I got them too. I'm extremely pleased! I didn't realize that wearing 'normal' pads and pantyliners like Always were irritating my skin, but after wearing these for a few days, I feel much less irritated. I think they're really making a difference.

Devin (Amazon)

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