Acts of Kindness and Organic Hot Chocolate Surprises During the Holidays

“Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up, because they’re looking for ideas.”

~ Paula Poundstone

During the holiday period the freezing temperatures often make it difficult to organize play dates at parks or anywhere outdoors, which means that you may find yourself stuck in the house with restless children begging for your attention. A balanced mix of stimulating individual play with some drop and roll to make sure you free the child buried deep within your being, may make this holiday season the best ever! Remember, whichever game, activity or creative inspiration strikes your fancy, make sure you stock up for a 5 o’clock hot chocolate with marshmallows surprise for your crew of kids. Playing requires energy, so bring on the hot chocolate surprise!

10 Creative and Dynamic Activities for Holiday Afternoons in the House

Get ready to experience an intense and fun afternoon that does not require large equipment or abundant spaces. Commonly used objects take center stage and as you scroll down this list, we welcome shrieks of joy and, “That is such a great idea, I can’t believe I never thought of that!” Should you find a more effective way of elaborating on these ideas, please send us pictures and suggestions on how to make them even better!

  1. Bowling: You have some of options for the pins: you can either use milk bottles, decorate empty paper towel rolls, or collect knockable objects around the house, while a tennis ball will work great as your bowling ball.
  2. Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course throughout the house using masking tape. Place strips of masking tape on the floor, designing a path to follow from room to room. Make sure you place cushions, overturned chairs, and armchairs in strange spots. Use a stopwatch to identify the fastest time, then add different levels of difficulty by having the kids close their eyes or carry objects in their arms as the walk the tape lines.
  3. Doll Party: Create a picnic zone in the house and tell your child it’s her doll’s birthday. To organize a proper party, have her create a party theme, a list of people to invite, invitations, a menu, and finally prepare the party. Each friend she invites should bring a doll or stuffed animal. Make sure the party includes music, drinks and homemade presents.
  4. Family Bingo: Download family pictures from facebook or instagram, cut the faces of at least fifteen family members, and ask your children to identify each person’s face. Let the Bingo game begin! Just imagine her smiles as you call, “Grandma Fern!” she yells, “Bingo!”
  5. Ice Pops: Have your child choose her favorite organic fruit or fruit juice. Place the juice in the ice tray, freeze and enjoy!
  6. Use your Senses: Create a sensory table with various objects and materials, blindfold your child and see if she can guess the object using her other senses. To enhance the game, add a “What’s missing?” element where she has to touch familiar objects to understand which part of the object has disappeared.
  7. Basketball: Doing laundry has never been more entertaining! Place the laundry basket in the center of the room. Have your kids collect the dirty clothes from throughout the house, transform the clothes into balls, and shoot! Use a strip of masking tape to create a 3 point line and have your kids tally their scores (a little Math goes a long way!).
  8. Hide and Go Seek: This detective version of hide and go seek involves kidnapping a stuffed animal, hiding it somewhere in the house, and cutting out newspaper letters to form a ransom note and a mysterious clue. Once the ransom note is delivered, the race is on to find the stuffed animal. Whoever finds the stuffed animal first, wins the chance to hide the next stuffed animal!
  9. Treasure Hunt: Decide the perfect treasure to hide, prepare the clues and and hide them in different areas of the house. Keep in mind your child’s age when writing the clues, if she can’t read yet, ask Grandpa to help by reading the clues and guiding the adventure.
  10. Acts of Kindness: Have your child make a list of special friends and family members. Make small gifts like small gingerbread women to put in transparent bags with colorful ribbons or clothespins. Consider making a list of acts of kindness that your child can do to make someone smile, and explain that gifts are not always something you unwrap.

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