5 Natural Remedies to Keep Winter Skin Hydrated

Let’s face it, cracked winter skin is equivalent to the unsexy, so how can we purify dry skin to enable it to breathe again? We must stimulate cell renewal through deep hydration!

5 Organic Go-Tos to Keep Skin Hydrated

Make sure you help your skin from the inside out by eating a proper diet and drinking at least eight cups of water a day. This will go a long way to keeping your skin hydrated and elastic. Also, make sure you avoid all products containing silicone substances, surfactants derived from oil refining or allergenic ingredients: in addition to being highly harmful to the body, they contribute to dryness by occluding your pores and giving a fake feeling of hydration. Just check out the label and scan the ingredients; avoid any products with names that end with the suffix -one.


  1. Chamomile: Chamomile boasts numerous cosmetic properties ideal for skin care, because it is emollient and soothing. You can add a few drops of chamomile essential oil to your moisturizer or directly use a camomile infusion as a compress to cleanse the skin on your face and leave it deliciously hydrated.
  2. Aloe vera: An excellent skin care go-to is aloe vera which, thanks to its calming and moisturizing properties, is present in many organic skin care products. You can also prepare a natural aloe cream ideal for the most sensitive and reactive skin. Just mix 4 tablespoons of aloe vera juice, six drops of jojoba oil, half a teaspoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin.
  3. Honey and yogurt: Other foods that help keep the skin moisturised from the inside out are honey and yogurt; both can also be used externally, in the preparation of masks or creams for dry skin. Honey can also be used in its purest state, to be applied on the face, like a mask, and kept in place for about ten minutes. Honey is also an excellent moisturizer because it has the power to retain water, so it permits a proper level of hydration, moreover the mineral salts and the vitamins it contains are antioxidants.
  4. Coconut oil: Perfect for soft skin, coconut oil has a homogeneous and silky texture. Simply apply it to your entire body in small quantities and gently massage along the entire surface to be treated, including the face. Make sure you try it after your shower, to be applied on damp skin. It can also be used for a natural scrub, for the body or for the face. Just mix it with sea salt, so as to quickly achieve a natural scrub and exfoliating action. Your skin will feel revived and hydrated. Coconut oil is an effective natural ally, providing elasticity to the skin, ensuring beneficial skin nourishment. Coconut oil is easily re-absorbed, it can be used either as a replacement for your moisturizer, or as a natural cleanser and make-up remover for the face.
  5. Olive oil: Olive oil has always been my grandmother’s choice in organic skincare. A practical example: before entering the shower, sprinkle the body with plenty of olive oil and massage for 5-10 minutes. Then proceed to shower, normally. In this way, a part of oil will be absorbed during the massage, the other part will be eliminated with your regular cleansing. As you wash your body, the olive oil will protect your skin from the drying effect of your soap. After drying off, you will notice that your skin is much softer, and hydrated with an irresistible “velvety feeling”.

What to Avoid

Avoid products with fragrances, photosensitizing substances, parabens and essential oils. Limit the consumption of alcohol, spices and coffee, avoid climate change and exposure to the sun as much as possible without protection.

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Organyc® products protect and respect sensitive skin

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EVVITA Study based on a test of 306 women with discomfort and irritation or itching in the vulvo-vaginal area. 70% regularly suffered from these symptoms.  50% of women in the study described the symptoms as ‘unbearable’ or ‘very annoying’.
The study was conducted by three leading French gynecologists in Paris with the support of the Board of Experts.  105 gynaecologists across France participated in recruitment.

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