How a Teenage Girl Defines Respect As told by my 16 year old daughter

“With hope I built character… with character I built respect…. with respect I built pride… with pride I finally built MYSELF… and with all that built I realized… I matter.”

– Victor

Respect is an act of love. It is the choice, the will, to understand the other person, to accept her for who she is, and to want to understand her desires, dreams, and needs.

Learning to know the most profound core of a woman requires listening to her, not just with your ears, but by using all 5 + 1 senses. Words can be superficial, truly respecting a woman involves reaching her soul.

Women may have greater communication skills than teenagers navigating the journey towards becoming adults, but one young woman has some pretty clear ideas on how to demonstrate the respect young women require.

How to respect a teenager

  1. Respect my ability to love: Never underestimate a young woman’s emotions. Avoid generalizations like “you can’t find love at your age,” because some adults aren’t so good at falling in love either. Of course at a young age, you are inexperienced, but everyone can name the emotion called “love” and sense it when it’s present. For example, I have been in love with a boy for ten years and only now decided to give up on him. I mean, not on him but on the idea of being with him. Frankly, you should encourage teenagers to tell you how they feel instead of belittling their emotions.
    Teenagers will appreciate you more if you are interested in what they are dealing with, love wise.
  2.  Respect my right to be moody: You are not the center of our mood swings. If a girl is perhaps moody, don’t assume that you are the cause.Sometimes emotions are unpredictable. For example, my mom often asks me: “What’s wrong?” and I reply: “Nothing.”  Please don’t assume that I don’t want to tell you something. It’s really nothing. For me, nothing means something you can’t explain. Because I too, don’t know why I’m moody. I just feel sad for no reason sometimes, but it’s part of growing up so forgive us if we’re moody.
  3. Respect my intelligence: Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t understand stuff.
    Let me explain: my mom decided to have THAT talk when I was 13, but I already knew that stuff since elementary school.
    Trust me, teenagers know. They may know more than you. They may be more empathetic or even more comprehensive towards people as they keep every emotion inside.
  4. Respect me by letting me do things my way. I am not afraid to fail: this isn’t really about responsibility, but it’s a warning.
    Some teenagers may hold a grudge for something you did 7 years ago, yet they still remember it. So, if you are aware that what you said was wrong, please apologize.
    I still remember my first year of elementary school when my father was helping me with my homework and told me to do it his way when I specifically knew I had to do it the teacher’s way. The teacher yelled at me the next day and I still remind him from time to time about it. Love you, Dad.
  5. Respect me by spending time getting to know me: watch a Netflix series with me. Ask me about my favorite youtubers. Speak MY language. If you demonstrate the desire to learn…I will teach you and share my secrets, because along with respect comes trust.

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