How to Care for Sensitive Skin While Traveling

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  –Anon

While short plane trips generally do not create skin issues, your family’s nine hour European vacation flight may affect your skin. In these cases, the long stay in a pressurized air cabin can weaken skin, making it drier, more prone to chapping and, may also provoke redness and irritation. The skin, especially in the lower body parts, also tends to swell and retain more fluids, due to poor circulation.

The airplane cabin situation

In the airplane cabin, the air is very dry: the percentage of the humidity in cabin is less than 20%. Calculate that the humidity in the air we breathe in our homes is generally above 30%. The effects of dry cabin air can be felt immediately. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and also affect your eyes, throat and skin. If you notice those who wear contact lenses often experience discomfort, and those who have dry skin and suffer from eczema, by the end of the flight feel a pulling sensation in the skin and the eczema worsens.

The high concentration of carbon dioxide in the cabin air of the plane – 5% higher than the air we breathe on the ground – caused by the continuous recycling of the same air, asphyxiates the skin, alters its hydrolipidic barrier and results in the loss of brightness. High pressure leads to less of an oxygen supply to tissues, causing the alteration of the cutaneous microcirculation. This modifies the regeneration processes of the skin and increases the oxidation process and the lack of cellular oxygenation. Moreover, when the flights are long lasting, the changes in biorhythm and sleep loss heavily affect the appearance and freshness of the face because it alters the regular process of nocturnal regeneration.

Knowledge is power

Being aware of the repercussions of lengthy flights on our skin, enables us to enact strategies of prevention and protection before and during our travels.

  1. Before traveling: In the days before the trip, prepare your skin by moisturizing it with creams based on vegetable oils and butters. Remember before boarding the plane to create a small beauty case in which to insert “travel size” products including mineral water, moisturizer for both the face and hands, a hydrating lip balm, and an eye contour cream. These products will be useful for inflight skin care.
  2. During the flight: Make sure you keep your circulation going by getting up every hour and walking a lap around the plane. It is recommended that your travel without makeup. Spray the mineral water on your face before and during the trip, apply your moisturizer, which serves to keep the skin surface more intact and to promote deep hydration. Also, frequently apply hand cream, lip balm and if you intend on reading, you may wish to use artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Make sure you absolutely avoid caffeine and alcohol for their diuretic effect. Alcoholic beverages, in particular are extremely dehydrating.
  3. After the flight: Once you reach your destination, take an invigorating shower with vegetable based moisturizing oils and apply a hydrating body cream. Apply a moisturizing face mask, as well. Make sure you moisturize often over the next few days, to counteract the dryness and reconstitute the skin barrier film.

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