How to Avoid Summertime Candida

Life is better in a bikini…

Unless you are suffering from Candida!

Candida Albicans is a fungus that is generally harmless and naturally present in women in the vagina, on the skin, in the intestine, in the ears, in the mouth and especially in the throat. It is estimated that this fungus is present in large quantities in about 80% of the healthy population without provoking any disturbance or signs of its presence. At least until the balance with other microelements is altered.

Awareness and Prevention

In the presence of an imbalance within its natural environment, the Candida Albicans fungus may lead to an infection known as vaginal candidiasis, especially during the summer. Keep in mind the following information:

  • The heat and all that entails in terms of lowering the immune system makes the body more susceptible to an outbreak.
  • Greater promiscuity and difficulty in constantly observing the normal rules of hygiene, represent risk factors.
  • Eliminate leavened and glucose-containing foods, limit those with fructose or honey. Summer leads us to eat out more often, leading to an increased consumption of sandwiches and leavened products, fruit, ice cream, and other sweet foods. Sugar and yeast promote fungal proliferation and Candida Albicans, already stimulated by the hot humid environment, overpowers the other elements present in its natural environment to manifest itself as vaginal candidiasis. When hanging out at happy hour, limit your alcohol intake as cocktails, beers and wine will contribute to candida.
  • Candida in the summer may be provoked by the bad habit of sitting without a towel on the sand, staying in a wet bathing suit for extended periods of time, wearing synthetic underwear and tampons even with the inflammation. Abandon colored, lace, or spandex underwear for a natural, breathable fabric like cotton.
  • Sexual relationships, which may be more frequent in the summer amplify the risk of contracting candida.

Symptoms and Treatment

Candida manifests with localized redness, itchiness, and whitish, foul-smelling and ricotta-like secretions. In general, candida is antifungal, but consult with your gynecologist regarding which therapy to follow because, sometimes, candida is caused by a fungus other than Candida Albicans, and this eventuality requires appropriate treatment.

Consult the following list to avoid Summer Candida:

  • Avoiding yeasts, sugars and alcohol during the acute phases of the disorder facilitates healing.
  • Use Organyc® intimate wipes. Organyc feminine cloths are made with a certified organic cosmetic formulation that includes calendula, chamomile extracts and lactic acid. These cleansing cloths are refreshing and moisturizing – perfect for cleansing the most intimate parts. There are no additives, SLS, or alcohol, which make these ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Choose mild detergents with neutral pH like Organyc Intimate Wash. Organyc intimate wash is made with a certified organic formulation that includes Chamomile essential oils and extracts. There are no additives, SLES or SLS, which make this wash ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid numerous rinses.
  • Wash from front to back and never vice versa
  • Sit on a beach towel, on the lounge chairs and on the poolside.
  • Eat yogurt, garlic and probiotics.
  • Wear cotton clothes and avoid jeans and tight pants.
  • Change pads regularly, after 2-3 hours.
  • Use condoms or limit sexual activity during vaginal candidiasis.
  • Contact your doctor for therapeutic indications appropriate to the nature of your situation.

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