Period Face

“Why do they wait until sixth grade when you already know everything?” 

― Judy Blume, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

We bleed.

Fairly regularly.

Despite our bleeding, we work, travel, study, take care of kids, multi-task like warriors and get shit done.

We may perform these tasks with a glowy smile on our faces, while singing a cheery little ditty, or with period face.

No one works period face like my teenage daughter.

Once upon a time, I shook at the mere idea of explaining menstruation. Now, I shake when I see pms face, a precursor to period face.

It’s a Mom Thing

As doubts pervade your I-need-wine Mom brain about when to start talking about periods, what to say, and how to help your daughter survive the transformation of her body, consider how much easier it is nowadays to broach the subject.

A few years ago talking about menstruation caused embarrassment, and many of us remember our first menstruation as something unknown and scary, but that had to be done, because “Alicia Smith got hers, and I still haven’t gotten mine!” Now, it is possible and necessary to talk to our girls clearly and openly: it is important to explain to them the changes that their bodies will undergo, the meaning of that transformation, and the value of passing from a child to woman.
With the metoo movement, the fear of addressing anything explicitly “woman,” not only has lost any type of negative stigma, rather, it has assumed a warrior-like tone. The tampon tax solidarity campaign has made periods much easier to discuss from the supermarket checkout counter, to the school lunchroom.

When to Have the Period Talk

Most girls get their first period between 12 and 13 years old, but some girls can start very early, even at 8, while others arrive later, at 16 years of age. If you wait to talk about it until she gets her period, you’re too late. The best time to start discussing the topic is around 10 years of age: it is very important at this stage to talk about reproduction, so that they have assimilated the concept when it is time for their period.

The Low Down

Make sure you respond very clearly to the questions that your daughter asks, and clearly explain how her body will change due to the maturation of hormones produced by our bodies:

  • Her breasts will start to grow, usually between 9 and 13 years of age.
  • Hair will start growing in the pubis and armpits.
  • Her body itself will undergo a transformation, baby fat will disappear, and body fat will be distributed in a different way.
  • Facial pimples and acne may appear.

She needs to know that she will become a woman, have her first menstrual cycle, and therefore be able to have children. During her period she will experience a loss of blood from the vagina lasting three or four days. Once the first cycle has started, it is repeated every 28 days for all the months of the year. Be on the lookout for the following signs that her first period is coming soon:

  • Significant growth in height
  • Abdominal pain or cramps

When you decide to have the period talk, prepare period package by filling a funky pencil case with the following:

  • An Organyc 100% pure, cotton pad: explain the importance of using nontoxic, chemical free, ph balanced products for her sensitive skin.
  • A new pair of white cotton panties
  • A pack of Organyc Intimate Wipes
  • A diary so that she can record the dates of her cycle.

At the end of your Mother-Daughter moment, explain the concept of period face. Tell her that you will ALWAYS know when she’s about to get her period based on period face!

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