Green is the New Black: Yin and Some Yang

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“Sometimes life happens to us, and we don’t ask for the journey, we just walk it. There are potholes, mountains, deserts, tidal waves and hurricanes to overcome, but when you focus on the light…you see only that light. And Mother Nature is good, because every now and then you find a fresh-water spring outlined by a rainbow along the road.” –Anon

Chinese bamboo grows in a very unique way. A tiny shoot grows shortly after a seed is sown and remains the same size for five years. During that time, this tiny shoot grows a complex root system that goes deep into the earth to support the shoot later in life. Suddenly, almost magically, five years later, it shoots up 80 feet at once!

As I took off on my morning jog, I pondered the chinese bamboo situation and compared it to my own journey. Some people sit behind a desk from 9 to 5, five days a week, collect a paycheck, go to Happy Hour on Fridays, wash their cars on Saturdays and mow the lawn on Sunday mornings for a lifetime. Other people work four unstable jobs, travel from country to country and call home a knapsack with a loaf of bread and a bottle of still water.
The drama comes when the person behind the desk has the soul of the wanderer.
The drama comes when the 9 to 5 lifestyle contributes to the inner dying process of a soul that no longer dreams.

Along the road, I heard a voice calling me. I turned around and a man on a ladder was waving to me to approach. I walked to the fence, and he showed me that the plum trees were budding.

I smiled.
When I had gone through one of the most difficult periods of my life, he had stopped me along my road in the summer and handed me 5 plums straight from that precise tree. I had proceeded to eat the five most delicious plums of my life.
His act of generosity totally choked me up, because I hadn’t known that man at the time, yet he had proudly shared his plums. Mother Nature’s gifts…

I grew up with the terror of eating any fruit straight from the tree.
Don’t eat those berries, you could DIE!!!
I grew up with fruit-from-tree-fear.
I now eat plums from trees.
And as the sweet juice leaves my fingers sticky, I breathe and smile.
I run roads with trees that embrace me.

The earth places both mountains and plum trees along the road. How we experience the good and the bad of Mother Nature’s elements often depends on us.


Organyc has chosen to use one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts: organic cotton for the well- being of women globally. And we have chosen to respect the environment by making our products biodegradable. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials with the purpose of reducing the impact on the environment, and preserving the natural equilibrium between the many components of the ecosystem. Organic agriculture endeavors to work in harmony with nature, producing healthy plants for healthy people. Organic certification is the public’s assurance that products have been grown and handled according to strict, safe procedures.

In addition to the products themselves, all Organyc outer packaging comes from renewable or recycled materials. Our outer wrap and backing for pads and liners are made from Mater-bi, which is created from corn starch. Organyc feminine care products are  also biodegradable, because they can be broken down into simpler substances by bacteria and microorganisms. Our own lab tests have proven the biodegradability of Organyc pads and tampons.

For Earth Day 2018, join us in supporting Women and the Green Economy Now (WAGE®):

An initiative focused on promoting women’s leadership in designing and advancing the green economy. This campaign was borne out of a desire to end the scarcity of women in bodies that govern and shape our economy, specifically in approaching global solutions to climate change.

Learn more about the initiative at

From now until April 22nd at midnight, for every OrganycUSA page like on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Corman will donate $1 to WAGE®.

Help us support other women, so that they will have the opportunity to work in government, business, sciences, and NGO leadership positions.

Help us raise our collective voice to protect our planet.

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