Free to Run

The power of women gathering is immeasurable.

Whenever I find myself in crisis mode, I throw on my running shoes, turn on my Spotify motivational mix, and blow out the door for an intense 45 minute run surrounded by Mother Nature. The beating of my feet on the asphalt to old school rap or Katy Perry’s latest tune knocks all stress from my bones, and it is the only moment of the day when I am one with myself as a woman. My daily challenges flip through my head until the huge roar becomes one with the hum, and my clogged brain embraces an unexplainable sense of freedom, finally. I do not know how I would maintain my sanity without my daily run.

In the US, women run to promote causes, to fundraise for children in need, or simply because we have an intense love of running. Until recently, women in Saudi Arabia were prohibited from running.

Women in Saudi Arabia pushed boundaries and found success and support. The Blissrunners wanted to express “breaking new ground from old grounds” in celebration of International Women’s Day. Running with their regular Abayas proved to be impossible and a risk for injury. To run more comfortably, they modified the regular abaya into a running abaya out of respect to their cultural norms. The designer of the abaya put a great deal of thought into the shape and fabric while using reflectors for safety. One Blissrunner, Yasmin Hisham Hassan said, “We want to send a message to other females who are still reluctant or considering…come…you’re not alone, we will do this together, and the time is now.”

There is strength in sisterhood.

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