Acne Attack: 3 Foods to Avoid

“I have seen my daughter come home from school early, eat a huge plate of pasta for lunch, and demolish two coffee ice-cream cones. Half an hour later, she’s searching the kitchen for potato chips, which I refuse to buy. The week before she gets her period, I can hear her screaming from the bathroom, desperate because the monthly pimples have arrived. I have managed to eliminate soda and sugary juices from her daily line up, which is a major victory. One step at a time, I will transform her teenage diet into one that will improve her sensitive skin.”  Anon Mom

The period of life in which acne is most widespread is from 12-25 years of age, a time frame where individuals may also experience repercussions from a social point of view.  During adolescence, an individual develops and elaborates her personality, and if she sees herself as different, due to acne, she may feel unaccepted by her peers.

Acne does not stop appearing when the biological clock strikes 25 years of age.

One of the most frequent ways of viewing adult acne is that adult acne heals spontaneously. However, during this period of life, other problems arise, related to work, relationships, family, etc. Having to deal with acne outbreaks in addition to regular adult stress can lead to a decrease in self-esteem with direct repercussions on work performance and social relationships. In serious cases, the anxiety of having acne, in some people can lead to depression.


Eliminating acne is not always easy, but an extremely important lifestyle aspect is diet: make sure you follow a diet rich in fundamental nutrients as opposed to fats and sugars. The following are 3 food types to avoid in your daily diet regime to promote skin wellness:

  • Sugar: In the case of acne you should greatly reduce the consumption of sugar, which as we know, is hidden in many foods and beverages in common use. Acidifying and inflammatory, this food is particularly harmful for acne especially if refined.
  • Cow milk: Some studies have highlighted an association between consumption of cow’s milk and acne. Probably this is due to the fact that milk is also a food that increases inflammation, it also contains many growth hormones that can promote the excessive growth of skin cells and therefore block pores.
  • Food rich in salt and saturated fats: The skin is very affected by the consumption of junk food for the same reasons mentioned above. These foods excessively stimulate the hormones and spike blood sugar levels. Also, monitor your salt intake. Adding some salt to your dishes is fine, but do not overdo it as the presence of a lot of iodine tends to accentuate the problem of acne.

Another effective weapon to combine with nutritious food and a balanced diet is to always keep your skin clean and hydrated. Avoid squeezing pimples, and try not to become overwhelmed by acne, as stress and anxiety may worsen outbreaks. Avoid miracle therapies, and do seek a qualified dermatologist who can assist you in creating a prevention and treatment strategy based on your specific skin needs.

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