New Study Finds Non-Hormonal Possibilities for Reducing Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” –Buddha

A heavy cycle causes iron-deficiency anemia, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, attention, memory and depression; and doubles the risk of endometriosis, characterized by the presence of endometrial mucosa outside the uterus, with serious health consequences. The classic symptom of a heavy cycle is that which occurs during menstruation, a loss of abundant blood accompanied sometimes by pain. A condition that can last longer than normal.

Your period may be considered abundant when:

  • You need to change your tampon every two hours or less
  • Your flow lasts more than 7 days
  • You need to change your pad even at night, waking up.
  • You need to change your tampon every hour for more consecutive hours.
  • You have blood clots in your menstrual flow.
  • You experience symptoms of anemia, such as the feeling of tiredness and fatigue or shortness of breath.

If you bleed through your pad after an hour, and repeat it for a couple of hours, consult your doctor. Go to the doctor even if you bleed irregularly between one cycle and the next and, if you are in menopause, any vaginal bleeding must be controlled. An abundant cycle may lead to symptoms of iron deficiency, therefore make sure you monitor your daughter and perform the necessary diagnostic exams including ferritin, transferrin, sideremia, and the blood count to determine the necessity of integrating iron.

The most frequent cause of abundant menstruation is the cycle without ovulation.

Estrogen is produced uninterruptedly by the ovaries and stimulates the growth of the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium). Progesterone, which stabilizes the endometrium and compacts allowing easy expulsion, is secreted only if there is ovulation. Therefore, in the absence of ovulation an irregular endometrium irregularly flaps at the time of menstruation causing an abundant loss of blood.

It is more frequent to have cycles without ovulation in adolescents, because the cycle is not yet regular, and will become so over time, and in adult women because ovulation is no longer functioning and will stop over time.

A recent study revealed that women with heavy menstrual bleeding have reduced endometrial HIF-1α and downstream targets and prolonged menstrual bleeding, suggestive of delayed endometrial repair.

The HIF-1a protein speeds up the healing process of the womb lining. Their research indicated that women with heavy periods had lower levels of HIF-1 compared to women with lighter periods.

Researchers found that administration of DMOG (HIF stabilizer) at the time of simulated menstruation in their model of non-hypoxic menstruation significantly improved endometrial repair. These results confirm that pharmacological stabilisation of HIF-1α at menstruation has the potential to fulfil the unmet clinical need for a novel, non-hormonal therapeutic strategy for women with HMB.

Heavy periods occur more frequently than one may think and directly affect a woman’s quality of life. Many women miss work and school due to heavy periods, and these absences may penalize their ability to keep up with their colleagues and peers. Discovering that HIF-1 and reduced levels of oxygen in the womb are required during a period to facilitate the healing process is a major step in addressing heavy menstrual bleeding, a debilitating situation for many women.

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