3 Natural Remedies for Annoying Acne Outbreaks


Once a month my daughter gets two huge pimples on the upper part of her right cheek. She goes into hiding and refuses to leave the house until the pimples disappear. Finding natural remedies to deal with her acne is extremely important, as I would prefer not to use a pharmaceutical solution at this time.  A Concerned Parent 


Acne is a skin condition that arises due to an inflammation of the hair follicles: the sebum produced in excess by the glands obstructs the follicles and causes an infection, with the formation of cysts under the skin. Acne generally affects the face, but often, also appears on the chest and back. It is a widespread disease that affects both women and men from adolescence to adulthood. Acne may occur in individuals undergoing changes in hormone levels or dealing with high levels of stress. It should not be overlooked because it can worsen and leave indelible marks on the skin.

Try the following 3 natural solutions to deal with acne outbreaks:

  1. Plant-based masks: Not generally recommended for individuals dealing with acne because they tend to obstruct the skin, fruit and vegetable based masks, on the other hand, allow the skin to breathe due to the presence of acidic substances, which have exfoliating and astringent properties, and greatly assist acne prone skin. Plants such as strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers, are highly effective acne masks.
  2. Tea tree essential oil or melaleuca: Considered the most effective among the essential oils useful for the treatment of skin affected by acne due to its antibacterial action, tea tree oil should not be used in its pure form, but diluted using a teaspoon of jojoba wax, and applied to the face and body with a cotton swab.
  3. Lemons: An important aid for acne sufferers, lemons are a good natural disinfectant. Thanks to their acidic properties, lemons help to lighten skin, rendering the dark marks left by acne less evident. Just soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and lightly dab the affected areas, let it sit for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. Lemon juice can be aggressive, so its use is not recommended in case of particularly delicate skin.

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