PMS is a PITA: 5 Survival Strategies to Improve your Drama

“Sorry, I ovary-acted.”

Once a month, we wake up and throw on our favorite skinny jeans only to find them to suddenly be…too tight! After screaming every curse word imaginable, obviously under our breath, we switch to the comfy period jeans that represent the once a month sanity saving grace. And so our day begins, destined for moodiness, cramp-i-ness, and pissed-off-ness, unless we miraculously manage to remedy the situation.

These are the effects of PMS, hormonal variations that often remain even during the actual cycle. While the situation may seem desperate, there are some strategies to combat the symptoms that drive us the most insane, to aid us in psychologically and physically conquering various undesirable monthly issues. The following are five strategies to combat the drama:

  1. Avoid certain foods: Avoid foods that are high in sugar or caffeine such as coffee, sodas, sweets, candy, and alcoholic beverages. Beware of any foods that are high in salt, as salt increases water retention, which leads to “the bloat.”
  2. Drink your fluid retention away: Make sure you drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and incorporate herbal teas and drinks without sugar and caffeine, as well. Invest in a good juicer and add fresh fruit juices and vegetables juices to your morning routine, while planning small meals rich in fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  3. Hit the gym or take that pilates class: Despite feeling more lethargic than usual, physical activity is fundamental to maintaining your sense of well-being, as activity provokes the release of endorphins, which help to alleviate pain. In addition to improving your sense of mental wellness, physical activity helps you sleep better and also helps reduce headaches.
  4. Choose foods rich in vitamins: If the flow is abundant, fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits, kiwis, grapefruits and peppers, improve coagulation. Cheese and red meat, especially liver, are also recommended, as these foods help to restore the heavy iron losses associated with menstruation. This mineral is also contained in turkey, chicken, eggs, legumes, bran, green vegetables, brewer’s yeast, dried and dehydrated fruit. If you suffer from cramps during your cycle, choose foods that promote physical and mental relaxation. Consider eating bananas, green vegetables, cereals rich in bran and sardines, which contain magnesium, responsible for the relaxation of the uterine musculature and a regulator of your good mood. Calcium, contained in low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt, also regulates muscle contractions. Finally, fish rich in omega 3 counteracts this problem by regulating the production of prostaglandins, molecules responsible for cramps and pains. Sometimes pain also depends on constipation. In these cases the ideal solution is represented by foods rich in fibers, such as fruit. If you suffer from breast pain, try vitamins E and B6. If you find that increasing your fruit and vegetable and liquid intake, as well as committing to an intense workout do not seem to fulfill your need for more energy and less bloating, you may consider taking vitamin supplements.
  5. Pamper your mind and body: An effective way of contrasting abdominal pain is through a DIY massage. Run a bubble bath, relax with candles and your favorite music. Then, give yourself a very light abdominal massage with olive oil or a good moisturizer to calm the tension and pain. Your hands can stimulate the tissues hardened by water retention. After your massage, relax with a good book or your favorite Netflix series.

As you learn to take care of yourself, focus on caring for your body, as well. Loving yourself means accepting and respecting your body, treating it well through proper nutrition and a lot of physical activity, and making conscientious choices regarding the products you use.

Women must feel safe and secure when purchasing feminine care products that come into direct contact with their most intimate body parts.

We are extremely proud that the following Organyc products have all earned Made Safe™ Certification: Moderate Flow Pads, Organyc Heavy Flow Pads, Organyc Panty Liners (Folded), and Organyc Panty Liners (Flat Packed)! We are currently working diligently to ensure that all of our products earn this fundamental certification.This certification signifies that they are literally made with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems. It’s the first nontoxic certification to apply to products we use every day.

For the first time, you can find things that are safe to use on your body, with your families, and in your homes. Certified products are examined by scientists to ensure they’re made without known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, GMOs, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high-risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs.

Organyc® products protect and respect sensitive skin

In a large scale gynecological study, feminine care products like Organyc containing pure cotton solved skin irritation with a 90% success rate within 90 days.

It is estimated 60% of women believe they suffer from sensitive skin and many do, indeed, experience itching and irritation.  Cotton is soft, gentle and naturally breathable. Skin does not react with cotton. 100% pure organic cotton (the purest type) hypoallergenic products are highly recommended for women who suffer from recurring yeast infections.

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EVVITA Study based on a test of 306 women with discomfort and irritation or itching in the vulvo-vaginal area. 70% regularly suffered from these symptoms.  50% of women in the study described the symptoms as ‘unbearable’ or ‘very annoying’.
The study was conducted by three leading French gynecologists in Paris with the support of the Board of Experts.  105 gynaecologists across France participated in recruitment.


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