From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly: Transform your Karma

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“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly.” –Richard Bach


Life is continuous action, causes that produce effects that in turn are causes of new actions. The law of cause and effect is known in the Sanskrit culture as karman; the term derives from the Sanskrit root kr which means “to do, to accomplish, to produce, to act, to move”. Karma is the process that leads man to his destiny.

The origin, the first karma, is the “desire to be,” which creates a process that leads to a whole series of phenomena. A careful study of nature reveals that the phenomena of the world are interrelated in a universal chain of cause and effect: no event can take place without a predetermined cause. Everything we see, hear or perceive with our senses is nothing but the effect of both known and unknown causes.

Every action of the body or mind is the result of forces or energies that determine its cause and at the same time what is the effect becomes in turn the cause of some other result, which in turn produces other effects. and so on in a chain of causes and effects that continue to occur uninterruptedly without ever coming to an end.

Karma can be subtracted or transformed, and since you can not transform what you do not know, you can only endure it for a long time. Meditation is a powerful tool for understanding and transforming your karma

The Law of Karma

  • By the law of Karma every human being becomes the creator of his own destiny through four levels of action: thought, feelings, words and behavior, respectively expressions of mental, affective, verbal and physical actions.
  • Everything in the universe is energy and information, so that the energy set in motion by the law of karma is destined to return to the starting point as in a circle that inevitably closes and in which the effect becomes in its turn cause.
  • The obstacles we encounter in life are nothing but the mirror of internal obstacles.
  • It is extremely important to try to understand what our internal blocks are rather than to use unnecessary energy in looking for causes external to us.
  • It is of the utmost importance to enter fully into one’s own responsibility by facing problems without identifying the cause of them as outside influences.

The events that life offers us represent limitless possibilities for personal transformation.

Transform your Karma

If you feel like your life is in a rut, that you are surrounded by negative vibes, take control of your karma and turn it around. How can we break negative karma? Transform your lifestyle:

  • Choose a healthy diet: colorful fruit and vegetables, refined cereals, less calories, authentic foods.
  • Perform daily meditation
  • Take a regular Yoga class
  • Take long Nature Walks

Your thoughts, words and actions are the energy you transmit to the people around you, and this is your karma. The kind of energy that you send to the world today is your choice

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