3 Ways to Live Your Life…Differently

“Just when you think you know something, you have to look at in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try.”  Keating, Dead Poets Society

My 12th grade English teacher, who I had a major crush on even after high school, insisted that we identify the difference between passive and active voices and totally avoid using the verb “to be.” I managed to grasp the important differences between the two voices in Freshman English 101, and only recently have begun applying the concept to transforming my approach to life from passive to active. A former passive approach was watching tv before bed, now I read. Once upon a time, when I lived the stay at home Mom life, I would spend 40 minutes after lunch, watching a Soap Opera; now, I take advantage of those 40 minutes to go for a power walk to soak in some sun and get some exercise. Time is precious, use it well to stimulate your mind and body.

3 Ways to Transform your Approach to Life

    1. Do it in the morning: How you tackle your morning routine sets the scene for the entire day. Create a motivational morning routine that allows you to achieve success: meditate, relax, organize your day. Take advantage of the early hours to tackle the most complex or unpleasant activities.
    2. Do it differently: I’ll never forget the time I was teaching and had the entire class take off their shoes and socks to write the morning journal activity. I had them tape a piece of paper underneath their desk, lay down on the floor and write about the experience using their toes. Changing perspective means seeing things differently, and The Dead Poets Society film scene where Robin Williams teaches from the top of his desk and encourages other students to stand on their desks, is the perfect example of this concept:
      Once you see things differently, you may decide to do things differently. Know that there is always more than one way to approach life’s greatest dilemmas. We make dozens of decisions every day and too often we make the same decisions. What would your life be like if you started making different decisions? Small decisions that determine the quality of your life. Try only for one day to do the things you do every day, but in a different way: take a different route to go to work, or to university; eat something you’ve never eaten; listen to music you’ve never listened to; read a newspaper you have never read; talk to someone you’ve never talked to; put your head on your bed where your toes usually go.

  1. Do it Now: We constantly complain that we do not have time for our passions, but the reality is that we literally waste our time in useless, ineffective and sometimes harmful activities. If you really want to change your life, live more fully and concentrate on what you love to do, by cutting down on less important things. Facebook, TV programs, news, emails, text messages can become real drugs. While we love receiving updates every second to satisfy our thirst for novelty, this constant concentration on the trivial makes us extremely unproductive. If you want to find the time for the important things in your life, you have to learn how to place the rubbish in the bin, and make room for productivity.

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