3 Ways to Dedicate Yourself to You

“Sometimes you’re all you have. Most times, you’re all you need.”-R.H. Sin

Sometimes the sanity of an entire family rests upon the shoulders of one individual. That individual tends to be a WOMAN. When the hectic routine swings to the pendulum side of total chaos, even the most well-balanced woman can go into overload and implode.

The New Year often accentuates our fears, because in between meetings, carpools, homework, laundry, and trying to decide what to make for dinner, our fears tend to bubble to the surface in the form of self-doubt, and imagining every possible scheme that could jeopardize our slim sense of calm.

Stop that!

Focus on the positive, your sense of fear serves to save your ass when the do or die moment occurs, any other time that self-doubt surfaces, drown it in a mocha latte. The following 3 suggestions will help keep you in the here and now, and remind you to focus on you, and not your fears.

Spoil Yourself

  1. Treat yourself to one of life’s many little surprises. Take a 25 minute walk outside and breathe in the fresh air. If you choose to take 40 minutes, spend 10 minutes calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and play catch up. Change your perfume, and appreciate your new scent every morning when you get dressed. Each of us always deserves the best, so it is important to never give up what you like and whatever makes you feel good.
  2. Grow your passions and dreams: One of the ways to learn to love yourself is to cultivate that one thing that makes you truly smile. Whether you dedicate your time to a hobby, a job, a cause, a loved one, animals etc., spending your time on the things that matter most for you not only makes you feel good, but teaches you to appreciate what you do, increasing your self-esteem. (Note: this is valid for your kids, as well) Never stop dreaming. Whether your dreams involve a trip, a job, a Mom-daughter moment, suffer through the struggle, but persist. Throwing yourself into achieving your dream with passion, leads to even more self confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  3. Never criticize yourself: Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and express self-love. Avoid negative judgments, and find a way to compliment yourself each and every time you start the car in the morning. Be kind to yourself. Focus on the positive.
    Make a list of the things that you like about yourself, in doing so be honest with yourself, do not be too modest and do not listen to that critical voice that sends you negative messages. Focus on the traits of your character that you like best and those that others also appreciate in you.

As you learn to take care of yourself, focus on caring for your body, as well. Loving yourself means accepting and respecting one’s body, treating it well through proper nutrition and a lot of physical activity, and making conscientious choices regarding the products you use.

Women must feel safe and secure when purchasing feminine care products that come into direct contact with their most intimate body parts.

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For the first time, you can find things that are safe to use on your body, with your families, and in your homes. Certified products are examined by scientists to ensure they’re made without known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, GMOs, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high-risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs.

Organyc® products protect and respect sensitive skin

In a large scale gynecological study, feminine care products like Organyc containing pure cotton solved skin irritation with a 90% success rate within 90 days.

It is estimated 60% of women believe they suffer from sensitive skin and many do, indeed, experience itching and irritation.  Cotton is soft, gentle and naturally breathable. Skin does not react with cotton. 100% pure organic cotton (the purest type) hypoallergenic products are highly recommended for women who suffer from recurring yeast infections.

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EVVITA Study based on a test of 306 women with discomfort and irritation or itching in the vulvo-vaginal area. 70% regularly suffered from these symptoms.  50% of women in the study described the symptoms as ‘unbearable’ or ‘very annoying’.
The study was conducted by three leading French gynecologists in Paris with the support of the Board of Experts.  105 gynaecologists across France participated in recruitment.

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