How to Play Secret Cyber-Santa: Cost-free, Sky’s the Limit, Gift-Giving!

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” –Jim Rohn

Giving comes in many shapes, forms and prices. With teenagers on a low budget, does it really make sense to rack up the $5-$10 gifts to friends to suddenly find you’ve spent $100? “Secret Cyber-Santa,” a modern approach to regular Secret Santa, is a virtual, limitless gift giving idea guaranteed to have your teen studying the most outrageous gift ideas free of charge. Considering our teens have numerous chats, “friends,” and acquaintances through Social Media platforms, why not give virtual gifts where your only limit is your creativity?

How to Play Secret Cyber-Santa

  1. Find out who wants to participate and write a list of their names.
  2. Prepare a questionnaire that each person needs to complete: favorite color, books, movies, perfume, goal in life, favorite sport, musical group, place they’d like to visit, and assign a date in which the questionnaire must be returned to you, completed.
  3. Match each Cyber-Santa with an “elf,” and send a screenshot of that person’s completed questionnaire, so at this point, every elf has a Cyber-Santa, and every Cyber-Santa has an elf.
  4. Now, the fun begins. Based on the questionnaire, every Cyber-Santa must search the internet for the perfect gift, copy the link, and transform it into a tinyurl. The Cyber-Santa must then handwrite a citation to share with the elf, underneath that citation write the tinyurl, and place the card in an envelope with the elf’s name written on it.
  5. On the designated gift-giving day, place all cards on the table and choose the first envelope to be opened. The elf must copy the tinyurl to his/her cell phone and show the image to the entire group. Then, that elf becomes Secret Cyber-Santa and gives his/her envelope to his/her elf.

Here is an example:

Alexis (On her questionnaire she said that she loves playing video games, listed seven or eight that she consistently plays, and stated her goal as becoming a video game designer.)
Citation: “Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

Most of all, have fun, stay safe and be alert this holiday season!

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