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The #OrganycUSAuthentic series shares stories of motivated, ambitious women throughout the USA, who overcome obstacles to then give back to the community.

One of the many amazing women we follow on Instagram is Rachel.Pohl, artist, adventurer, humanitarian, and environmentalist. Her detailed and meticulous paintings are a reflection of who she is and she fills each and every day with a determination to do more, be kinder, help our planet, create, treat her body well, and smile as much as possible. She loves empowering others, especially women, and encouraging them to get outside and out of their comfort zones. She encourages others to do that which makes them glow, and she believes in fiercely pursuing a life outdoors, which is seen by some as perilous and improbably optimistic.

This incredible post she wrote struck a chord and we decided to share it with our readers who live with the ups and downs sensitive skin may provoke on a daily basis. Rachel wrote…

I was often told by people around me that my body was different, and it was often critiqued. I kicked boys in the shins in middle school for saying cruel things about my biceps. “Friends” in high school said my legs were too thick and other things were too small, and that my shoulders were too wide.

Compared to what? Compared to photoshopped, archetypal supermodels? Compared to the bodies of those “friends”?

Why do we let the insecurities of others shape who we think we are?

Chances are, each of us have stories about being teased or bullied for “differences” in interest, physical appearance, or ideology. Chances are, in subtle ways we feel differently about ourselves today than if those things had never been said. I would brush snide comments aside, knowing even then that these people were wrong, but wonder if there was truth in their words. Even still I have people talk about my body as if it were an object, usually not in a mean but still in an objectified way. It’s strange that we still do this to one another.

Today, I love and appreciate my body so, so much, and don’t shy away from being strong, even though peers along the way tried to tell me it was weird to be different. I still have lingering body insecurities, but I do my best to not to vocalize them, because it really is ungrateful to say mean things about ourselves- we are just so lucky to be alive. I’m so grateful I can walk and run and breath. We need to show each other through example -and especially to encourage young people- to embrace all kinds of bodies, hearts, and minds. And that it is who we are inside, not how we look on the surface, that matters.

Because the mean words and the kind words we say to each other can be monumentally impactful, however benign they may seem. It goes beyond just bodies, but we have the power to make those around us feel uplifted or dreadful. I would love to see a world with no body shaming of others or body shaming ourselves. I don’t know how it will happen, but let’s start today with loving who we are, and appreciating our bodies for all they can do, not all they “lack.” Who is with me?

// Photo by @danielblom // #gratefulfor #rachelpohlart #optoutside

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