9 Foods Guaranteed to Rock your Energy Level this Holiday Season!


You are the

Happy to my holiday

Jingle in my Bells

Nut to my Cracker

Fruit to my Cake

Present under my Tree

Wish to my Star

Home for my Holiday

Candy to my Cane

Kiss under the Mistletoe

Holly to my Jolly

Winter to my Wonderland

Ginger to my Bread

Milk to my Cookie

Joy to my World…

All of that baking, joy, holiday cheer and happiness definitely requires energy. Organyc recommends the following nine additions to your diet to ensure you make it smiling and grooving to your holiday parties!

9 Food Choices to Boost your Holiday Cheer

  1. Eggs: An excellent source of protein, which helps muscle tissue stay healthy and efficient. Rich in Vitamin B, eggs help our metabolism convert food into energy. When eaten in the right measure, eggs can create a burst of energy on the most challenging days!
  2. Soy beans: Rich in copper, phosphorus and, above all, Vitamin B, soybeans are useful for the body to break the chains of carbohydrates and turn them into glucose, to be used as fuel. Not only that, they play a fundamental role in the transport of oxygen, essential for fighting fatigue.
  3. Walnuts: Break out the nutcracker! Walnuts can provide our body with a good balance of healthy fats, proteins and fiber. In addition to being able to calm the sense of hunger, their high protein content has the ability to reduce the sense of fatigue after exercise or after a day’s work.
  4. Quinoa: Quinoa is a fake cereal with a thousand properties. You simply boil it in hot water, like rice. Among its important qualities are a high level of proteins, phosphorus, zinc, iron and magnesium. This extraordinary seed from the Andes, highly digestible, also contains mainly unsaturated fats, which are not harmful to the body. Rich in nutrients, Quinoa helps the body’s energy balance and the cardiovascular system in particular.
  5. Pumpkin seeds: Raw pumpkin seeds offer a nutritive content very similar to that of Quinoa. A small dose of these seeds has immediate energy benefits. It is not by chance that many athletes mix these seeds in their drinks for post-training, to recover and sustain energy.
  6. Goji berries: For thousands of years, Goji berries were consumed and popular in Mongolia, Tibet and China, where they grow spontaneously and where they are grown for use in traditional medicine. The berries contain substances useful to the body with great antioxidant capacity.
  7. Chocolate milk: My grandma used to encourage me to drink a glass of chocolate milk a day! Milk, made up of 80% water, provides our body with potassium, sodium and electrolytes. These are minerals that help regulate the water present in the body, muscle functioning and blood circulation. Since the most common way to lose electrolytes is through sweat, chocolate milk is a formidable (and delicious) way to raise our energy level.
  8. Guaranà: Guarana is extracted from the seeds of a Brazilian shrub and commonly used as an excitant. It is found in many energy drinks. The purest form is the guarana berry which contains almost twice the caffeine dose of a coffee seed. Its effects against fatigue and drowsiness are well-known.
  9. Bananas: Each banana is around 100 calories and contains a lot of fiber, magnesium and potassium. Both magnesium and potassium help regulate brain functions by increasing the ability to concentrate.

These suggestions will not only help you deal with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, they will get you through the weak moments that your cycle often provokes. Just as you choose the proper foods to sustain your body, make sure you choose the appropriate period care products to protect and respect your sensitive skin.

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Skin Sensitivity Study

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