Turn Off Your Cell, YouTube, and Chats: 5 Strategies for Success in High School

By Sophie Chan

Every girl has 5.5 personalities:

  • How she acts at school.
  • How she acts around friends.
  • How she acts when she’s around family.
  • How she acts when she’s around him.
  • How she acts when she’s alone.
  • How she acts with everyone during a sensitive skin outbreak.

When dealing with adolescent issues, we like speaking directly to teens. Our go-to teen consultant, Sophia offered to share her “school personality” with us at Organyc, to assist us in offering 5 strategies for High School success.

Truth: Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on the planet. They are treated like children and expected to act like adults.

While hanging out with friends 24-7 would be my ideal school day, society requires we actually pay attention, stay focused and learn during the school day. To achieve consistent results, I recommend the following five strategies:

  1. Don’t be lazy. Mood control represents one of the greatest challenges to overcome at least once a month, if not once a day. Highly temperamental, a strange look or ambiguous comment has the potential to disrupt my entire day, throwing me into a “no way I’m doing that” kind of mood. Know yourself, your limits, your power, and get the job done sooner rather than later. Finishing homework, assignments, obligations as soon as they hit your desk will liberate you from future concerns, worries and stress, so when your Mom says, “Honey, have you done your Science homework?” You can actually respond honestly, “Yes, Mommmm!”
  2. Always pay attention in class. It’s essential. Take good notes, so that you just need to reread them at home. Avoid distractions such as note-passing, requests for gum, reading the incisions carved into school desks, daydreaming about the hot guy two seats in front of you, and how to make varsity as a freshman.
  3. When you don’t understand something, ask the teacher. If you don’t understand something, don’t be like me, ask right away. When you talk to the teacher, she can’t say “If you didn’t understand the lesson, you should’ve said so earlier.” I’d like to explain to those teachers that I oftentimes feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t understand something they just spent an hour explaining, so to avoid embarrassment, I don’t ask for help. But I do the wrong thing. You should always ask if something isn’t clear.
  4. Get organized. Prepare your homework lineup as soon as you get home. Do not get sucked into the kitchen snack drawer, because once you open your first bag of carrot sticks, it will only go downhill from there: think hot fudge sundae. If you lose control in the kitchen, your next step will be your head hitting the pillow. By the time you get to your homework, it will be the next morning, and you will have fallen behind.
  5. Avoid distractions. Turn off your cell phone as soon as you get home until you finish your homework. Take control of your time and energy and choose to slam the door on videos, chats, tv, music, your warm, comfy bed – anything that will get in the way of you and your schoolwork. An element that greatly influences school performance is your period, especially when dealing with sensitive skin issues. Dealing with cramps, mood swings, irritation, inflammation and making sure adequate period protection is available are additional worries every month. I use Organyc, and I recommend you do the same!

Being aware that your cycle may provoke extra sensitive skin once a month is half the battle to protecting your skin.

Organyc has created a product line of sensitive skin pads made with a top sheet of hypoallergenic, nonwoven 100% breathable and gentle organic cotton, an absorbent core made of 100% organic cotton fluff for maximum absorption, and adhesive wings for maximum comfort and protection. Unlike most feminine care brands, Organyc contains no synthetics, no SAPs and no wood pulp. For good hygiene, Organyc bleaches only in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Organyc is made with 100% pure, organic cotton.  Also available – panty lines and tampons.

Organyc® offers 100% authentic, organic cotton feminine care products guaranteed to protect and respect a teen’s sensitive skin, click here for details.

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