Thanksgiving Ain’t Just About the Turkey: Reflections of a High School Reunion

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”  –Andrea Dykstra

I spent three months trying to find the perfect outfit that slimmed my hips, accentuated my boobs, and covered all the unnecessaries. I spent a fortune on highlights, cut and color, and had basically starved myself for four weeks straight to lose the bloat in my cheeks. I hadn’t dedicated this much time and effort to my looks since Happy Hours in my twenties. I must admit, I still had it going on despite a twenty year lapse since High School, two kids and a recent separation. I  moved away after school, far away, so I rarely had an opportunity to see anyone I grew up with. I couldn’t tell whether I was looking forward to the experience or dreading it, but I was definitely going through with it.

In the end, I was happy I did.

Twenty years later there was a lot, a lot less hair, but a lot more heart. People have lived marriages, births, betrayals, divorces, heartbreak and loss. Yet, there were smiling faces in that room. Genuine smiling faces, not phony high school faces. And I liked that.

Sometimes we choose a path and we are convinced that is the 100% absolute right path for us to the point that we insist on making it the right path. We fight with all we are because it truly seems to be the right direction, and the idea of taking another path is so completely scary that we cannot fathom stepping off that smoothly-paved road. One day, something knocks us off that path, and we find our feet walking another one, a little rougher, but perhaps…the right one in the end.

A few years ago when I had been in town visiting family, I met with a friend of mine who was going through a difficult moment. She looked every bit of drained, exhausted, and emotionally distraught. Yet, at the reunion, she looked just like she did twenty years ago, not like when I had seen her during the summer, but just like in high school- when the only worries we had were whether or not our crush was going to say hi to us in the hall during breaks, or if we’d pass our SATs and get into the college of our choice.

I reminisced with another friend who had undergone a major transformation from the girl who always reeked of cigarette smoke to a glowy, vegan, yoga instructor who couldn’t stop talking about the benefits of her organic lifestyle. She definitely found the right one to talk to, I was nodding 100% of the time and explained all of the benefits of Organyc’s 100% pure, organic cotton feminine care products that protect and respect sensitive skin.

Reuniting with people who knew you before you changed paths allows you to see the progress you’ve made through the years, and gives you an opportunity to either bring back some of that high school girl or keep her there…closed in your high school locker.

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