Ten Things I Can’t Stop Saying to my Teenage Daughter


Parenting a teenage daughter requires extreme levels of intuition, sensitivity, patience and generosity: an experience in the see-saw of sure, no problem!/absolutely not!…But, yes, I totally trust you (unless there’s a certain person involved in the equation). The myriad of adolescent relationships that are on one day, off the next day challenges the most flexible of well-intentioned, stressed out Moms. The safe subjects of today, become tomorrow’s triggers, so beware of EVERYTHING you say.

Along with experience does come knowledge, and while I consciously realize that it takes so very little to piss off my teen, certain things come out of my mouth on a regular basis, and I just can’t seem to stop the Momisms.

Top 10 Things I Just Can’t Stop Saying to my Daughter:

  1. “Aren’t those shorts a little too short?” Reply: “Why does my butt look big?”
  2. “How’s Alexa (her lifelong bff)?” Reply: “Don’t know, don’t care. She’s going out with the guy I’ve been in love with since nursery school, so we’re no longer friends.”
  3. “Those are the ugliest sandals I’ve ever seen, they look like dead skunks.” Reply: “Mom, you have no fashion sense, everyone in school is wearing them!”
  4. “Explain to me why it’s okay to spend 200 dollars on rain boots when it never rains.” Reply: “Mom, everyone has them!”
  5. “Aren’t those lyrics a little too explicit for you to be listening to?” Reply: “Mom, I hid in the back of the living room, while you were watching Orange is the New Black, nothing is too explicit after that.”
  6. “How did you do on your test?” Reply: I got a C, but everybody else got a D or failed.
  7. “I don’t care about ‘everybody else,’ I only care about you.” Reply: “I know Mom, and I love you, too.” (Works every time)
  8. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s take a selfie so I can post it to fb!” Reply: “Impossible.” My last selfie with my daughter dates back to the first day of Middle School.
  9. “Have you finished your homework, yet?” Reply: Here, either I get silence because she’s too busy watching youtubers, or “Yes, Mom” even if she hasn’t started. I no longer actually expect it to be answered, it’s just more of a reminder, and makes me feel like I’m performing my Mom duty.
  10. “Honey, what is that on your nose?”: Reply: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”


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