Set your Clocks Back, and Your Mood Swings Forward!



“When Daylight Savings Time hits, I just want to bang my head against the window of my minivan, because as I chauffeur my kids across town for their numerous activities in the pitch blackness of the cool, Autumn air, I feel a strong need to pop pieces of anything covered in dark chocolate in my mouth. The clock in my car will now proceed to confuse me and make me a nervous wreck as I will never again be certain of the time, at least for another year. Don’t bother calling me or waving to me as I wait in the carpool line, I’ll be too busy seeking a highly motivational Pinterest quote to notice other life forms.”  -Anon Mom


Shorter days have arrived. Finding a proper balance between lifestyle and eating habits to protect your sensitive skin may become complicated as mood swings and increased fatigue cause you to desperately seek sugar. Mood swings are always linked to the change of season: the result is that we tend to consume abundant and hypercaloric meals which negatively affect our ability to buy new Fall jeans that fit.

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