If You Must Leave Us for Nine Months…


While it is certainly true that some of our Organyc customers leave us for 9 months, one thing is for sure: we want you back stronger than ever as soon as those nine months end! We would like to launch an Organyc Lifestyle appeal to encourage you to remember to take care of your body, as you concentrate on the arrival of your new baby.


Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

A common occurrence post childbirth is the weakening of your pelvic floor due to 9 months of sustaining additional weight, not to mention pushing that baby out! The weakened pelvic floor may lead to problems with incontinence or even prolapse. Knowledge is power, prevention is obligatory.


Pelvic prolapse occurs when the lower parts start to protrude. Symptoms tend to manifest when you stand, perform heavy lifting, cough, sneeze or laugh. They disappear while you are relaxing, resting or lying down. In some cases, sexual intercourse may be painful. Mild forms can remain asymptomatic until advanced age.

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