How to Make Your Woman Want You



“Somebody sensitive and tough;
Somebody there when the going gets rough;
Every night, he’ll be giving his love
To just one girl… one girl… one.
Somebody cool but real tender too;
Somebody, baby, just like you.”

Christina Aguilera, What a Girl Wants

New Jersey Mom and Photographer, Danielle Guenther captures the essence of “What Women Want” in her photo of a man shopping for tampons.

This photo is called “Heavy on the errands,” from Guenther’s “What Women Want” series.

A relationship more or less begins when a woman decides she wants you with all of her being: head, heart and bed.

Many women would never consider sleeping with a man who makes her feel emotionally uncomfortable, even if she is physically attracted to him. Additionally, even if she finds him physically irresistible and has some sort of emotional attachment, if she doesn’t find him intellectually stimulating, the whole thing is a no go.



How to Make your Woman Want You


What exactly do women want? The following are five traits that will have the woman you desire blow up the door blocking your entrance, or at least unlock it:

  1. Self-confidence: All women desire a self-confident man, as long as the self-confidence does not develop into arrogance. A truly secure man asks her opinion, converses naturally, spontaneously surprises her, and does not fear being judged.
  2. The ability to listen: There is nothing more irritating and downright boring than a man who monopolizes the conversation to talk only and exclusively about himself, his hobbies, passions, past relationships, etc. Note: talking about children is always acceptable, and definitely scores bonus points. The most effective tool a man can wield is his ability to listen in such a way that makes the woman in front of him feel deeply understood. The art of empathetic listening creates an intellectual and emotional bond necessary to form the foundations of an intense love story.
  3. The ability to make a woman laugh: The best way to grab and keep a woman’s attention is to make her laugh. Twinkling eyes and smiling faces represent two extremely effective ways to form a lasting bond. Appreciating one’s humor requires a sort of meeting of the minds and a silent understanding that goes beyond your normal knock knock joke.
  4. R*E*S*P*E*C*T:  Sometimes a woman does not behave in the most respectful way, unintentionally, of course. She may arrive late, use her phone while on the date, react brusquely, or use an annoyed tone. The entire relationship may ride on your ability to counteract rudeness in a respectful, assertive manner. When a man causes a woman to observe her behavior and admit to have acted in a disrespectful manner, the intellectual hormones start racing and a solid foundation of respect begins to form.
  5. Go big or go home: Should you reach a point in your relationship when she asks you to pick up a box of tampons, make sure you hit CVS and pick up two boxes of Organyc 100% pure, organic cotton tampons that respect and protect her sensitive skin. When she sees you walk in the door with those boxes, she will immediately think, “This one is a keeper!”


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