Fawz Mirza: See Something, Say Something


The #OrganycUSAuthentic series shares stories of motivated, ambitious women throughout the USA, who overcome obstacles to then give back to the community.

Fawz Mirza: producer, actor, person ready to “see something, say something”. She currently has a critically acclaimed movie now showing entitled, “Signature Move” playing at LGBTQ film festivals worldwide. See it at a fest near you, Village East Cinema in NY, or online after the tour is over. Despite being an actor, she found herself in a situation that had nothing to do with her profession, and everything to do with her essence.

The following is Fawz Mirza’s comment on the Burger King Commercial gone viral: “Bullying Jr.:”

“I was in LA, went into a Burger King and the vid below happened. And it was turned into this anti-bullying campaign. Being someone of marginalized communities, I’ve faced a lot of crap from people and continue to. Having worked in sexual violence prevention for years with Catharsis Productions, I learned a lot on what we can do when we see something, even if it feels hard. I taught people to do the right thing which includes not ignoring what’s happening, and everything from telling someone, to stepping in, to causing a distraction, to making a joke, to enlisting the help of others. My heart was racing, I was nervous and the kids were all bigger than me. I’m an actor, but I wasn’t paid to act in this video, nor did I know what was happening. They didn’t even give me the bullied burger. Apparently The Today Show talked about it today. Any level of heart and empathy we can bring to the topic matters. #bystanderintervention #antibullying #seesomethingsaysomething.”

Thank you to Fawz for being one of the 12% to step up and right the wrong. Have you ever raised your voice to help a friend being bullied?


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