Dream Big, Always

The following is Sofia’s list of 5 goals to accomplish by the time she’s 21:

  1. Learn more languages: clichè yet true, I really want to learn languages to speak and interact with people. I especially want to learn Korean, because my dream is to live there. I love the culture,the music,the people and the food.
  2. Conquer my fears: Ok, so I’m terrified of amusement park rides. I know it’s stupid, but it’s important to me. Situation: a guy I really like invites me to the amusement park, but I can’t even look at a roller coaster without trembling. Bad situation.
  3. My first kiss: I’m 14 going 15. And I still haven’t kissed a single boy. I’m obviously waiting for “the one that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach, the one that always stays no matter what” ahah I’ll be right back, have to barf…Seriously though, if you haven’t kissed a guy yet and are made fun of, know that you are more mature on a psychological level. Don’t let the fact that everyone else in your class has kissed a boy bring you down or influence your who or when. I’m still waiting for my prince charming. Ok, I’ll stop. Next…
  4. Motivation: This year I’m not doing so well at school, because I just can’t seem to find the motivation to get of bed and start doing homework..I mean, don’t get me wrong, school is important, but who can say no to a comfy bed? (Me)
  5. Organizational skills: For example, I know what I would like to do when I’m older, but to achieve that I need to organize myself mentally. I’d like to be a K-Pop idol (I know, I know It’s impossible, but let a girl dream). First, I need to save a lot of money to go to South Korea in the first place, and then I only have to learn how to sing, dance and speak Korean! Easy as pie(not).


As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” My beautiful daughter has some beautiful dreams.


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