Dream Big, Always


“Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.”  –Anon


One of the best pieces of advice ever received to aid in stimulating productive dialogue with my children as they were growing up was the following: “Do not ask your child, ‘Sweetie, what did you do at school today?’ because they will consistently reply, ‘Nothing.’ Rather, tell them about your day, your experiences, your lunch selections and anything funny that may have happened, and they will become motivated to reach beyond the dreaded ‘Nothing’ to actually formulate a sentence.”

I religiously followed this advice and it had done wonders for my communication with my children, until…they became teenagers. In a recent conversation with my daughter, however, I did manage to suck some information out of her between youtube k-pop (she’s obsessed with Korean Pop) videos and instagram posts. In a dangerously nostalgic moment, where I started to evaluate where I am in my life thus far, to avoid drowning myself in dark chocolate or a jar of nutella, I turned to my daughter and asked her, struggling to get into her 15 year old head, “Sofia, what exactly do you hope to accomplish by the time you’re 21?”

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