Timoria McQueen Saba on Birth Related Mental and Physical Trauma


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A former celebrity Makeup Artist turned Maternal Health Advocate, Timoria McQueen Saba, recently appointed to a MA State House Chair seat on the Ellen Story Special Commission on Postpartum Depression, writes and speaks about pregnancy and birth related mental and physical trauma. She was a featured speaker during Postpartum Depression Awareness Day at the Massachusetts State House where she shared her experiences:

“Immediately following the birth of my oldest daughter in 2010, I suffered a postpartum hemorrhage and almost died. I underwent a life-saving surgery and was later diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). One year later, I had a miscarriage in a frozen yogurt shop in front of several people, which triggered the difficult emotions from the hemorrhage I suffered the year prior.

I realized that there were very few resources for women who had experienced similar birth and pregnancy complications and the lingering psychological effects. I decided to start the conversation publicly and became a maternal health advocate. My treatment included a combination of talk therapy and restorative yoga. I gave birth to my second daughter in March of 2014. My birth experience the second time around can best be described as perfectly “normal.” I have written for several websites, including the Huffington Post. I’m currently a volunteer for Postpartum Support International (PSI). One of my other passions is lobbying Congress along with other maternal health advocates to bring awareness to bills aimed at improving women’s health.

I also facilitate a peer-to-peer mother’s support group that helps women discuss their feelings surrounding birth, motherhood and parenting in a safe and supportive atmosphere. It is my goal to bridge the gaps between patients, clinicians and legislators. All women should have their birth experiences validated. Mothers deserve to feel supported and know they are not alone in whatever their personal struggle may be.”


The facts:
-1 in 7 women (approximately 400,000) experience perinatal mood disorders (depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, psychosis, etc.) annually.

-Only 15% receive treatment due to lack of resources, support and affordable treatment.

-Depression and Anxiety are the most common complications of childbirth.

-The United States is the only industrialized country where maternal death rates are rising.

-The U.S. ranks 46th in the world for maternal mortality. Although we spend the most annually on health care, 45 other countries are better at keeping new mothers alive than we are!

-The U.S. maternal mortality rate is 3x higher than the U.K. and Canada, and 7x higher than Finland.

-Every year, approximately 700-900 American women die due to childbirth or pregnancy complications and more than 50,000 experience a near-fatal birth or pregnancy complication.

-Black women are 4x more likely to die of a birth or pregnancy complication than Caucasian women.

-98% of these deaths are preventable

Timoria’s mission mandates that advocates, clinicians, patients and legislators must work together to prevent maternal mortality. Her mission is clear, it is up to women everywhere to break down the walls that prevent mothers of color and all mothers from receiving the healthcare deserved.

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  • Valarie Danley says:

    On pregnancy and childbirth related deaths of black women it seems the medical profession overlooks g6pd, which could explain much.

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