Have the Period Talk with Your Son, Not Just Your Daughter


“I don’t hide things from my son. He is only 4 years old. But even still, I talk to him about a lot of things. As far as women, one of the things I do is talk to him about my period. My son knows what a period is. It’s funny because we’ll literally be out at the grocery store, in the aisle, picking out cereal, and he’ll be like, ‘Mommy are you bleeding? Do you need pads? Do you need tampons?’

He’s 4 years old. People will look at me like, ‘What? How old is he?’ But you know, I’m his mother. He sees me in the bathroom. I don’t hide anything from my baby. I think it’s really important because a lot of guys think that periods are gross. So I explain everything to him, when I have cramps or I don’t feel well. I don’t hide that from him.” -Amber Rose on Menstruation Education

Amber Rose is raising her baby boy to one day be a fine, sensitive, young man. Menstruation education is just as important for boys as it is for girls to teach empathy, biology and facts of life.


The Talk

When approaching the subject with your son, explain period facts, so that a young girl’s natural biological function is a source of knowledge that he can be proud to “be in on.” The term “menstruation” comes from the Latin “mensis”, ie month, and indicates the frequency that a young woman’s period occurs. Generally, a normal cycle is 28 days, but can also go from 21 to 35 days. In particular, in the early years of menstruation, the duration of the cycle tends to be variable, so it is not always possible to precisely predict one’s cycle.


The Cycle can be Divided into Four Phases

  1. The cycle resumes every month when the uterus is prepared with a membrane to receive a fertilized egg.
  2. During this phase, called ovulation, an ovum emerges from the ovaries to then go through the fallopian tubes and then enter the uterus. It is a journey that can last days and during which time, some women experience slight pain, while others do not even notice it.
  3. If the ovum encounters the sperm during this displacement to the uterus, the woman may become pregnant; but if that does not happen, the body will signal it and will cause the mucous membrane to expel the non-fertilized egg with its fluids.
  4. The cycle then begins and this involves blood loss. This is repeated every month for an average of 400 times in a lifetime.


Why is the “Period Talk” so important for boys?

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