Diamond Encrusted Tampons: A Bloody Luxury

“36 U.S. states subject women to a ‘tampon tax,’ which is actually state sales tax. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you consider two things: State tax can vary, averaging over 6 percent and reaching as high as 10.25 percent in cities like Chicago (once city and county surcharges are included), and the tax excludes items that are considered “necessities,” like food and medicine.”  –Angela Natividad, Adweek


What would you consider “essential” to living a quality life? You may respond bread, pasta, rice, newspapers and even dentures. While you can live without a tablet, it is not possible for menstruating women to live without pads or tampons in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Without pads to handle once a month bleeding, how can women actively participate in society? They would experience serious consequences in terms of both physical and mental health. Yet, government continues to tax this essential feminine care product. Needless to say, girls and women who live disadvantaged situations or who are unable to obtain necessary products are forced to miss days of school or work.

Organyc shared Bridget McManamon’s commitment to making pads and tampons available to women in need through her organization, Herstory, which provides menstrual hygiene kits to schools, homeless shelters, rape and abuse crisis centers, and jails. Bridget said, “We live in a society that heavily stigmatizes periods, makes them an expense that some young women even in our own community cannot afford. Periods are expensive. For lower income families, the cost of purchasing supplies can be more than they can afford. For example, in the public school districts of our community, there are currently 1473 female middle and high school students eligible for free and reduced lunch, meaning they can’t always afford food let alone their own emergency supply of menstrual hygiene products.”

Organyc is also teaming up with Period Con that has not only made it their mission to supply menstruation products to women who can not afford them, but they are currently launching the world’s first youth activism conference about menstruation. Speakers will address a variety of arguments:

  • How do we open up the conversation, and why does it matter?
  • How do you break down the stigma?
  • Why is it important to have uncomfortable conversations?

All women know that getting your period is no “luxury.” Yet, for some reason 36 States still tax the products we need to function on a daily basis. To draw more necessary attention to this matter affecting half of our population, Period Equity and J. Walter Thompson New York with The Sweet Shop’s Melanie Bridge, starring Amber Rose, created “Periods are not a luxury. Period,” an advertisement that successfully utilizes irony and sarcasm to drive the point home with a grand finale of “Tell the Government where to stick this tax!”

Watch here:

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