Bloody Period Drama: A Halloween Mini-Series

My Agonizing Teenage Life by Jaime

“Nearly half (48%) of girls aged 14-21 in the UK are embarrassed by their periods, a new survey has found. The survey, in which girls aged 14-21 were asked about their experiences of menstruation, found that one in seven (14%) girls did not know what was happening when they started their period. In addition, more than a quarter (26%) reported that they did not know what to do when they started their period. The findings, based on a survey commissioned by girls’ rights charity Plan International UK, expose the impact stigmas, shame and silence around periods have on the lives of teenage girls in the UK.”  HuffPost UK

Because the struggle is real, I asked Jaime, a 14 year old high school student how she felt about openly discussing her period. She decided to share one of her most embarrassing period moments.


Setting: My Classroom

It was a sunny morning that day, and my classmates and I were sweating uncomfortably in our chairs, when all of the sudden I felt the gush. Panic ensued as I realized my period decided to drop by to say hi in the middle of Algebra,and I was totally unprepared. I looked at my best friend and gave her “the stare” (Sofia’s Dictionary: “the stare”= that look of desperation mixed with regret that you telepathically send to your friend when your crush is flirting with another girl or, in this case, when you have your period and she has to check out your butt for potential bloodstains) .

I sort of crouch-stood, and when I sat down she nonchalantly confirmed, “The chair is stained.”
My face flashed fire red, and an earthquake ripped through my stomach. I whispered to a classmate sitting five desks for a tissue, but of freaking course she couldn’t hear me.

The desperate conversation to will her to understand turned into a rambling mess of whats, I don’t understands and Kleenex! I frantically pointed to my girl parts while mouthing “Period!” “Tissue!” and “Help Me!” to try and get her brain cells to function – no easy task in Algebra class. Finally somebody else launched me my so longed for tissue. She probably pitied me a lot.

I jumped out of my chair and in a blink of a second, wiped the blood stain clean, and threw on a jacket to cover my ruined jeans. I asked my best friend for a pad and ran to the bathroom, where…

of course there was no toilet paper.


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