5 Ways to Keep your Teen Happy on Halloween


Halloween conjures a series of traditions, aromas, and vibrations. Whether you have memories of trick-or-treating in your neighborhood in groups of four dressed as your favorite superhero, plastic pumpkins overflowing with assorted candies, the great divide of the accumulated stash at the end of the night (I hoarded all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, my sister could take the rest), or the moment you opened the doors of your own home for the first time to a new generation of children, the season impacts all of us in one way or another.

Adolescence represents a particular moment in the lives of our kids, especially during Halloween. Once googly-eyed adults who cooed over your adorable Dracula costume with blood bits, suddenly give you the glare when they open the door and see a teenage, makeup-less Dracula with a cape begging for free candy. What is a nostalgic teenager with a screaming child inside her begging to celebrate Halloween to do? Here are some options to allow your adolescent to hold onto the kid inside her for just a little bit longer.


5 Halloween Haunts for Teens

  1. Pick a Costume: The best part of Halloween is dressing up to become someone you either admire or loathe. Engage your teen by brainstorming possible costume ideas, then search Amazon, Ebay, or Dollar Stores to put the outfit together. This is an excellent occasion to spend quality “cool time” with your drifting teen.
  2. Choose a Candy Together, and Carve up Jack: Once upon a time, your daughter dreamed of finding the best candy as she went house to house. Help her make your home “the best” for other trick-or-treaters, this will make her more likely to want to give out the candy as a possible stay-at-home option for Halloween. Also, don’t forget to carve the Jack-o-Lantern together. Add some earrings or a Mohawk to spice it up!
  3. Pajama Party!: Allow your teen to invite a small group of friends to spend Halloween night at your home. Have each friend dress up in a costume to distribute Halloween candy, select a horror movie on Netflix, and pop up the popcorn! The instagram pix will leave a smile on your daughter’s face.
  4. Teen Party: Call your daughter’s friends’ Moms and throw your heads together to brainstorm possible Halloween party ideas. Organizing teens in one place for Halloween is an excellent way to allow them to enjoy the spirit of Halloween while keeping it age appropriate. Rent space at the local bowling alley, book a pizzeria, contact the school or your local youth club to throw a Halloween party together, or cater your own party at your home.
  5. Chaperone Service: Why not create a job for your money hungry, I-must-have-this-pair-of-shoes teen? There are plenty of parents of ten year olds who are exhausted from years of following their kids around the neighborhood. Your teen can pick her costume and chaperone groups of six or more children for ten bucks an hour. As she assists them trick or treating throughout the neighborhood, she can grab some Chaperone candy, extra money and a healthy sense of responsibility.

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