The Global Menstruation Revolution: Vagina Strong

Global initiatives are sustaining a powerful collective voice in promoting period equality. Have a look at the following campaigns around the world with the goal of fighting period poverty:

  • USA: “You Matter… Period” is one of many pilot programs across the country created to provide free tampons and pads in schools and universities across the USA. This particular program will supply period products in 33 All Gender restrooms on the Colorado State University campus. Logically speaking, when you go to any public restroom, you find toilet paper, soap, paper towels or a hand dryer. The program reinforces the concept that access to pads and tampons is a right and not a luxury. Kudos to Colorado State University’s Division of Student Affairs who designed this project to support employee and student success on campus.
  • AUSTRALIA: Emily Kim, a Year 12 student at North Sydney Girls High School started a small charity called “Share the Dignity” to address the fact that there are currently more than 46,000 Australian women experiencing homelessness, yet homeless shelters are often severely under stocked when it comes to sanitary products, despite them being among the most highly requested items.
  • SCOTLAND: Determined to end period poverty, in July, the Scottish government announced a six-month pilot project in Aberdeen aimed at women and girls from low-income households. At least 1,000 people should receive free sanitary products during the trial, which ministers have supported with £42,500 of funding. The trial comes after concern that young women were using socks and toilet paper, and missing school because they did not have enough money to afford period products.

Photo Credit: Eliza Powell/Water Aid

  • UGANDA: To raise menstruation awareness and destroy the taboo around getting your period, a group of teenage girls is rapping about their periods. Called the WASH club, the girls aged 12-16 are assisting their parents and classmates by making reusable sanitary towels so that they can avoid skipping school with the help of Water Aid.



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