The Global Menstruation Revolution: Vagina Strong


“We need to start talking about menstruation as something that is not just completely normal, but also as something that does inevitably affect the way many women live, and therefore something that needs to shape the way we make decisions about our community, to support all women, no matter what circumstances they may have been dealt at birth. Because in the end, I’m always of the belief that a person’s access to basic comfort and basic dignities isn’t a luxury – it’s a right. Period. Emily Kim

We’ve come a long way, baby, from the 1920s sanitary napkins ads that managed to convey their existence, while never actually providing a picture. Men constantly scratch their heads wondering how women can be so intuitive: once upon a time, menstruation comprehension was an educated guess and a strictly hush-hush topic. Now you can scream “I love my vagina” at the top of your lungs, and no one will even raise their head from the text they MUST send, or bother to roll their eyes at your “audacity”.

What would you consider “essential” to living a quality life? You may respond bread, pasta, rice, newspapers and even dentures. While you can live without a tablet, it is not possible for menstruating women to live without pads or tampons in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Without pads to handle once a month bleeding, how can women actively participate in society? They would experience serious consequences in terms of both physical and mental health. Yet, governments around the world continue to tax this essential feminine care product. Needless to say, girls and women who live disadvantaged situations or who are unable to obtain necessary products are forced to miss days of school or work.

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