Single Woman Marries Herself

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: The Only Thing Missing was the Groom.

Laura Mesi made a promise to herself years ago, “If I do not have a boyfriend by the time I’m 40, I’ll throw a wedding and marry myself.” She kept her promise by organizing a mega party to the tune of $13,000 including a white dress, wedding cake, bouquet launch, and honeymoon to Marsa Alam.

The only thing missing was the groom.

Laura, a fitness instructor, is the first single bride in Italy. She believes that each of us must first love ourselves. We can live the fairy tale even without Prince Charming – if he knocks on her door tomorrow, she would be happy, but her happiness will never depend on a man.

She says she went a little overboard on the wedding dress and her wedding ring, which are two shiny, gold bands twisted into one ring. The wedding gifts given by the 70 guests will help to cover the costs of the wedding lunch.

Officiated by a friend, the wedding ceremony has no legal or religious value; nonetheless, it proved to be a very emotional moment for all. She promised to love herself her entire life and to welcome any children in her future. Although her brother was skeptical at first, he actually ended up walking her down the aisle and shedding a tear or two.

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