Organic Home Spa Treatments: Kiss your Sensitive Skin


When she isn’t begging for new shoes, the latest in Calvin Klein underwear, or chowing down on extra greasy anything, my adorable daughter has heart palpitations for Lush and Sephora. My wallet is not only empty, it’s currently falling apart and crumbling, therefore, I am always on the lookout for home solutions in spa care for my attentive adolescent child with extra-sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is an extremely fragile and highly reactive skin type that is considered to be irritated by chemical (water, drugs, aggressive cosmetics, etc.) and physical (warm, cold, wind, detergent, rubbing, etc.) stimuli that are usually well tolerated by healthy skin. Hypersensitivity may in part be due to a genetic component, hence hereditary, but in part may depend on the associated causes such as hormonal imbalance, hypersensitivity and emotionality.

Sensitive skin needs to be adequately protected and strengthened as it may worsen over time if not treated properly. It is possible to strengthen a sensitive skin through the use of vitamins, moisturizing creams to rebalance the hydrolipidic film, soothing allergy cosmetics based on aloe, melissa, achillea, hawthorn, lavender, refreshing and decongestant properties, and through appropriate face treatments Improve the general health of the skin.

Home Spa Extraordinaire

Spa treatments for sensitive skin can be divided into three main areas:  cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing. You can start by washing your face with your favorite product, then there is a scrub for every type of skin:

  • Water and bicarbonate for sensitive oily skin;
  • Oil and salt treatments for sensitive normal and combination skin;
  • Honey and sugar for sensitive dry skin;

Make sure you use a microfiber cloth when removing the scrub.


As far as masks are concerned, the possibilities are endless and include a few commonly used ingredients: green or white clay (more delicate), yogurt, milk, oil, honey and fruit.

Begin with a clay base, the key ingredient for a detox effect along with the scrub, then, just add the ingredients you prefer.

Apply the compound to your face and neck, avoiding around your eyes.

  • Oily skin: a teaspoon of green clay, a teaspoon of yogurt, leave it on for 10 minutes;
  • Normal / combination skin: a teaspoon of green clay, apricot pulp, a few drops of milk if the mixture is too dense, add more clay if it is too liquidy. Leave it on for about 10 minutes;
  • Dry / sensitive skin: a teaspoon of white clay, a teaspoon of honey, a few drops of oil (sweet almonds, grape juice, jojoba, even extra virgin olive oil). Leave it on for 5 minutes. If the mask begins to dry, rinse.

Make sure you rinse the masks with lukewarm water, then gently dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin.

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