How to Plan an Effective Workout During your Period


“Keep your head high, your glutes tight, and your coffee strong.” -Anon Woman…ready to hit the gym


My grandma used to say, “Sweetheart, if you have your period, it would be better for you to rest. No gym, no sports, just come home and go straight to bed.” I never understood why she used to insist on bedrest when the woman never sat still a day in her life; yet, whenever she saw my pads in the trash, she would become nurse Nana. The physiological response of our bodies to the menstrual cycle is entirely subjective: there are women who do not feel any pain and go to the gym regularly, while there are others who truly feel sick during their menstrual cycle. I’m the obsessive type that even if I feel sick, I must make it to the gym. I get the obsessive stuff from my Grandma.

Potential Contraindications to Working Out During your Period

There are no contraindications to sports practice during the cycle. The problem is only created in case of menstrual dysfunction, such as:

  • oligomenorrhoea (reduced menstruation)
  • amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)
  • dysmenorrhoea (severe abdominal pain)
  • menorrhagia (excessive blood loss).

In these cases, it is important to listen to your body’s needs. If you feel tired, rest. If you want to work out and your body responds well, just drink plenty of water, take mineral salts, and reduce workloads for less intense, but equally effective workouts.

How to Plan Your Most Effective Workout Based on your Cycle

When we think of our periods, we usually only consider the days we bleed, but the menstrual cycle actually lasts 28 days. Considering each stage of the menstrual cycle and how it affects a woman’s body, may prove to be useful in identifying your most and least productive days. When you track your 28 day cycle based on the following phases, you can create a program to maximize your body’s potential and create a greater sensation of wellness.

  • The Menstrual Phase (the live flow), from day 1 to day 5:  During these heavy flow days, plan a lighter than usual workout especially if you do experience heavy blood loss. If you already suffer from iron deficiency, make sure you monitor the situation so that it does not lead to anemia. Take a pilates or yoga class, or go for a 40 minute walk outdoors.
  • The Post-menstrual Phase, from day 5 to day 10: The presence of the FSH (follico-stimulant) hormone leads to increased attention, coordination and strength. Take advantage of this phase to plan a more intense workout. These days are optimal for taking a Pump or Kickboxing class at the gym.
  • The Ovulation Phase, from day 10 to day 14: During this phase, there is the maximum capacity of blood to saturate hemoglobin, essential for oxygen transport during aerobic activities. In this phase, plan to sweat out an Aerobics or Step Class, and definitely sign up for that Zumba class you’ve been dying to try!
  • Post-ovulatory Phase, from day 15 to day 26: This phase denotes the presence of progesterone that allows women to burn many more calories than during other days. A thermogenic hormone, it promotes increased body temperature and leads to increased caloric consumption. The quality level of strength and psycho-physical balance achieved during this phase indicate you should step up your cardio courses or step outside for an hour long cross-country run, especially now that the Autumn temps are conducive to brisk morning and evening runs.
  • Pre-menstrual phase: Before your period, you may notice your energy levels diminishing. During this phase, you may experience a rise in estrogen levels and prolactin and a decrease in dopamine and serotonin. Hormonal variations and increased seborrheic activity may cause acne, red spots, and a greater degree of skin hypersensitivity. This phase screams mani-pedi, chocolate and naps. Make sure you fight back by swimming 50 laps, walking the treadmill and a quality half hour mediation.

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