Freshman Khloe Martinez Talks BFFs, 1-800-273-8255, Hillary Clinton and her Mom

Do you know what your teenager is listening to on her iPod?

Khloe’s two favorite musical groups are twenty øne piløts and Childish Gambino. From those two artists, her favorite albums are Blurryface (twenty øne piløts) and “Awaken, My Love!” (Childish Gambino). Blurryface addresses the theme of defeating depression/depressing thoughts consistently throughout the entire album, especially during the song “Goner”, and listening to this album helps her when she’s stressed or upset. The song’s lyrics helps her relieve some of her emotions, because it’s helpful to know others have gone through the same emotions that she has and overcome obstacles to ultimately come out a stronger person.

“1-800-273-8255” by Logic, Alesia Cara and Khalid talks about the often ignored topic of suicide. On the other hand, “Awaken, My Love!” is more about relationships, on the surface. Every teenage girl, at one point in her life, deals with some sort of relationship complication, like cheating or issues with parents. Notably, the most popular song on this album is “Redbone” which is about someone cheating on the singer (Childish Gambino) and the singer NOT giving the cheater another chance, which is just one of many important lessons to learn from this album. Lastly, the song “IV. Sweatpants” talks about how worthless money and prized possessions are if you’re not doing anything valuable to earn all that money, which Khloe believes is an ESPECIALLY important lesson for teenage girls to understand in this day and age, with social media trying to teach us that vanity will get you far in life.

Aside from being extremely wise beyond her years, why is Khloe’s story so important? Khloe represents millions of young women who are seeking positive female role models. Khloe wrote this post in a very popular FB group, and cited two important female role models…

“It’s so important for us to have good female role models to look up to in today’s era. In a world where women are often sexualized and criticized by men, because men with great power in this country think it’s okay to do so. I’ve always found it helpful to have someone to look up to – someone who keeps going DESPITE all the obstacles that women are STILL facing in this day and age.

Hillary Clinton has always been someone I have looked up to for her strength and perseverance throughout every obstacle that she’s faced. Even when she lost the election, she kept pushing through, proving that women can do anything. Though she might not have technically become president, her near success of becoming president just goes to show all that women have accomplished.

Additionally, I have always found my mom to be the person I look up to most. I’m not sure if she’ll be happy with my choice of words here, but she is the most badass person I know. She certainly hasn’t ever tried to become President of the United States, but in my mind, her feats are much bigger than that. She’s had 3 kids (myself included!) and still continues to push herself to work hard every day – whether that be athletically or mentally. One of the reasons I admire her so much is because she has done everything with me even when I don’t want her to (looking back, it’s always been the best decision to do things with her rather than by myself).

Last Summer, she took me to Peru. It was one of the best memories I have with my mom! Everything was great, from the super long plane ride over there, to trying new food, to hiking up Machu Picchu at five in the morning to see the sunrise peak over the mountains! That will definitely be a memory I’ll never forget, along with all the photos I have saved in my camera roll, and all the mental pictures I have saved up in my head.

Today, I did my first half marathon. My mom was by my side the whole time, and even though I wanted to quit, talking to her pushed me to go even farther. It’s still amazing to me that she is able to do all this stuff – none of my other friends’ parents do this ! What’s even more amazing is that not only did she do my first half marathon with me all the way, but she’s going to play soccer later tonight!

When I grow up, I can only hope to be as great as her and every other successful woman in the world.

No matter what your age, color, or size, WE CAN ALL DO IT. When you keep pushing past the oppressive obstacles, you serve as not only an inspiration to yourself, but as an inspiration to the younger generation such as myself and others around you.

We are all special and unique in our own ways, and if we all believe in ourselves as much as we believe in our role models like Hillary Clinton, we can do anything. You can do anything. Whether you’re 100 years old or 14 years old, like me, the best thing we can do is lift each other up and support each other through difficult times.”

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