Freshman Khloe Martinez Talks BFFs, 1-800-273-8255, Hillary Clinton and her Mom


“She’s always been more of an ‘old soul’…

I waited a long time to have kids.  Mostly because of my childhood and my own relationship with my mother.  When I was finally ready to have a kid, I’m glad God chose me be Khloe’s mom.  Khloe is beyond smart.  She has such a bright future ahead of herself.  I’d like to say that I played a part in building a solid foundation for herself as a person, what she does as a young woman and adult is boundless.  She reminds me everyday that I’m kind of cool by laughing at my jokes.  I always think of the memories my husband and I are building for our kids.  Since Khloe is the oldest, she will remember the most. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I try harder because of her to make the bad and the ugly only temporary.  I try harder because of her to make the good more normal than not.” –Grace Martinez, Khloe’s Mom

Organyc knows that Moms struggle, especially as their daughters hit the teen years where finding the perfect balance between authoritative figure and approachable Mom to talk to in times of trouble can be challenging. Grace and Khloe represent an amazing Mom-Daughter team, who motivate each other.

Introducing Khloe…

Khloe is a 14 year old Freshman starting Everett High School in Everett, WA in two weeks. Starting high school means that she gets to meet new people and reunite with others whom she hasn’t seen since elementary school. She has already started practicing for the Cross Country team, can’t wait for the meets and is super excited for her Digital Photo I class, as she loves photography.

Her three best friends are Gracja, Emily, and Jessamyn, who have helped her through drama and stress at school, and issues with friends and boys. Emily and she have been friends for seven years, so they have been through alot together, including sleepovers with major gossip sessions throughout the night.

Teenage drama and stress can have repercussions on your skin. Khloe doesn’t have the most sensitive skin, although in the past she did have acne which would flare up after exercise. Luckily, she discovered face masks and cleansers that have helped combat her acne. One of her sisters has sensitive skin, so Organyc’s 100% genuine, organic cotton products would definitely be useful for her. Regarding appearance, her 14 years have taught her that external beauty isn’t everything. “What people see on the outside, and how they judge you for it (i.e., how many followers you have on Instagram) doesn’t determine your self-worth.Your thoughts, words and actions matter. You matter. There is always someone who cares about you and loves you.”

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