Be Fearlessly Authentic: 5 Steps to Embracing Love


“Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet.” -Anon

If you’ve ever had a husband, you know that at the slightest hint of a stuffy nose, the world comes to an end. Forget about the 24 hour stomach virus, when they puke it’s like Armageddon in the bathroom.

Such unnecessary drama.

I can see the difference in shades of “deathly ill” between my son and daughter. My son moans and begs to stay home at the first tickle in his throat. My daughter could have full blown strep throat, a fever, chills and hives, yet she would still beg to go to volleyball practice.

Why the difference?

Our vaginas bleed. We deal with multiple client deadlines, create gourmet lunchboxes, manage drop off/pick up schedules, and 24 hour psychiatric assistance for 8 family members and pets, while steadily bleeding.

What’s a sore throat in comparison to THAT?

Strong Enough for Love

Women possess a survival instinct to overcome hardship that is highly underestimated. Mental strength and resilience is the daily practice of pushing ourselves to grow and become stronger while maintaining a realistic optimism and healthy boundaries with the outside world. However, despite our intrinsic strength and resilience, one of the most difficult tests of our sanity is our ability to love. Sometimes we may need years to truly open ourselves, our authentic selves to accept a loving relationship. These five steps may assist you in your process:

  1. Understand your doubts: You meet an amazing person. Instant attraction, yet something holds you back from embracing a commitment. Reflect on what prevents you from opening to love, even with the help of an expert, but do not try to work around your obstacles, face them head on.
  2. Try: After analyzing your fears, and understanding why you may be hesitant to place yourself in a vulnerable position, try to let go of negative history, live your new experience to the fullest, and enjoy the new sensations that it offers.
  3. Avoid making comparisons: Comparing old relationships with the new one is a mistake. Instead, look for the positive qualities of the person you are with, without frosting those negative qualities pink with rainbow sprinkles. Keep it real, there was only one Cinderella and she was a fairytale.
  4. Be yourself: Never give up your Friday Happy Hour with the girls, or your twice a week yoga class. Throw your hair in a ponytail whether or not he prefers it down. Do not lose yourself in a relationship, because you will always resurface, and when you do, precious time will have passed.
  5. Overcome your limits: Love will test all of your limits, allow yourself to choose to bang down the walls. Grow through what you go through to become a better communicator. Be direct, speak up in bed and out of bed, hold hands and kiss.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brene Brown

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