10 Tips on How to Handle your Moody Teenage Daughter (Advice by 14 year old Sofia, my daughter)

“I do what I want, when I want, where I want…if my Mom says it’s ok.”

Trying to comprehend the endless, unpredictable, inconsolable mood swings of your beloved teenage daughters does not involve getting to the bottom of the destructive matter at hand, but may merely come down to how you approach the mood itself. To put it simply: do not try to solve your daughter’s problem, just try to ride the waves of the mood swing without crashing.

Easier said than done.

Dedicated to all of the struggling Moms of teenage girls, the following are 10 tips to assist desperate Moms in interpreting their teenage daughters, as indicated by 14 year old, Sofia:

  1. Don’t ask: The first tip is very simple, yet seemingly impossible for most moms these days. When your teenage daughter looks annoyed by something, don’t ask.
    She’ll come to you when she wants to talk about it. Especially when she’s on her period.
    Just let her be until she’s ready. Trust me.
  2. On the subject of her idols…: The second is very crucial. Do not offend her idols (singers, dancers, actors, etc.). If she shows them to you, it means she’s sharing her tastes and passions. If you don’t like them, do not tell her that; just ask her to play another song/video. She’ll feel accepted.
  3. Loyalty: If you are in a fight, do not talk about it to other people. Do not involve other people in your discussions, or she’ll feel betrayed. It sounds stupid, but every teen gets hurt when they know their mother talks about their private discussions with others.
    If you do this, STOP IT before it gets bloody.
  4. Insecurity: The majority of teenage girls are insecure about their looks. So compliment her. Tell her she is beautiful without makeup, but don’t exaggerate. She probably feels prettier with makeup, and if you constantly tell her she’s prettier without it – she’ll get confused.
  5. Feelings: Remember to keep in mind that your teen daughter has reasons and feelings, too. If you get into a fight or even the smallest of discussions, remember that she may have had a bad day or maybe she had various reasons why she may have responded in a certain way. Talk to her, but if you see she’s having trouble, just get over yourself, call it a day and hug her.
  6. Don’t Assume: When she’s on her phone chatting, don’t assume it’s her boyfriend. It’s quite annoying.
  7. Guilt Trips: Remind her of the stuff you do for her, but don’t ever compare it to the stuff she does for you. If she had a car she would drive herself to her friend’s house, honey.
  8. PDA: Let’s just say do not hold her hand around good looking boys or people she knows. In public, just stay a good 15 feet away from her and pretend you never had a child.
  9. Quality Time: Sometimes both of you are busy all day. At least watch a movie together from time to time. She may not show it, but she misses you.
  10. Knocking: Last but not least, (this is for my Mom, personally…Hi Momm!!) Do NOT… I repeat, DO NOT open the door of her room (in my case, the bathroom) without knocking.
    It’s rude to invade your daughter’s privacy and most importantly, you scare the living crap out of her. Amen.

Is there something your Mom does that really, REALLY bothers you? If so, please leave a comment in the comment box!

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