Wax on…Wax it All Off, Baby!

As the hot shower water beat on my thoroughly exhausted Zumbafied body, I reached down to pick up my liquid soap and a strange twinkle caught my eye. Now, my vagina usually doesn’t twinkle, but a drop of water got caught among my pubes and reflected light. I took a closer look and saw it. I screamed. It was kind of a scream-cry-scream, where no sound actually came out of my mouth, but a tear slid down my eye, mixing with the once soothing water.

One, long, strong, grayish-white strand of pubic hair.

My perfect black bush had an intruder.

I started to pull it out, but stopped. My Mom had always told me that if I pulled a gray hair out of my head, three would grow back in its place. I left it there and finished my shower.

A gray hair on the vagina is not sexy. Then again neither is the wild and free bush growing every which way between my legs. Hmm. The good news is that my husband never complained, I guess he was used to my vagina, and so thankful to even have sex that he certainly wouldn’t have ever imagined complaining.

With three kids, a dog, and a cat in the house, we only managed to have hot sex in the garage on top of the washing machine, between loads: hot because there was no AC in the garage.

And now, yet another reminder that I was getting old.


I didn’t even know that pubes turned gray. I colored my hair every possible shade from blonde to red and back again, but I couldn’t imagine doing that with my pubes. Maybe I could shape it in the form of a heart, but the white one was smack in the middle. Option number three: go Brazilian or go home.

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